Friday, February 3, 2012

Love Wedd 2012 Trends Workshop

This year's Love Wedd 2012 Trends Workshop was a success!

Thanks to some of our area's top wedding professionals, a great group of brides got some fantastic tips and trends sure to be seen this year.

The top two trends? Incorporating Texture and using Personalized elements unique to you!

Music's a great way to customize your wedding ceremony and reception. Gyns Entertainment suggested finding music selections meaningful to you as a couple. Not sold on the Wedding March? Mix it up with a contemporary song that you both love. Gnys will even choreograph the perfect first dance, a fun surprise element that your guest will never forget!

Make sure that your taste is reflected in your Photography and Cinematography. By choosing amazing vendors like Footstone Photography and Platinum Digital Video, you'll know that they'll carry your theme and personal style all the way through to your album and video.

Check out these gorgeous textured gowns Solutions Bridal displayed. They're all about using lace details to add dimension to the designs.

How amazing are these blinged-out shoes, by the way?!

Adding personalized jewelry reflecting your style and taste is a great way to customize your bridal look. A statement necklace or bracelet will change the feel of a gown and make it completely unique and individual. 

Image Insight incorporates the feel and style of your wedding (even your colors) into your wedding day make-up. Whether you're going for romantic, vintage, summery or sophisticated, make sure that your look carries on that feel.

Texture trends don't stop with fashion - Take a look at these fantastic cakes by Posh Pastry!

The Grande Event designed the beautiful decor samples for the night. We loved the double over-lays on these cocktail tables!

Thanks to all of the vendors who made it such a great night - Solutions Bridal, Footstone Photography, Platinum Digital Video, The Grande Event, Gyns Entertainment, Posh Pastry, Image Insight, and  Sweetwater Inn!

Always remember that your wedding is about your personal love story.  Make sure that the elements you pick show your guests how special it is!

What are some ways you're planning to personalize or add texture to your day?  


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  1. That pair of shoe is cute. I think those wedding dresses will perfectly fit on me.

    Christina @ Mens Boots