Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Ceremony Programs

Ceremony programs can be a traditional, fun, imaginative, and/or informational part of any wedding. While they certainly aren't a requirement any longer at weddings, we think they can definitely be a fun touch if there's a bit of extra room in the budget. It's a great first clue to the feel and theme of your big day and a great place to make your first impression with your guests.

Traditional bi-fold programs are a quick and easy way to make programs while still remaining elegant and purposeful. This particular program twist is great for summer weddings or any wedding that expects hot weather:

Photo via Intimate Weddings
I really love the idea of having the bridal party's info in the wedding program! You can even add in a short description of who they are, how you met, etc. This way, all the guests know just who everyone in the party is. Here is one cool example:

Via Events by Kelli
Quick tip - only order a little over half the number of programs as your guest count. I know, sounds crazy, but the truth is that most couples share them, kids don't take them, and tons get left behind in seats. Save a little $$ and order less.

Personally, I love it when couples include fun facts about themselves on them for guests to read while waiting. Also, any special traditions that will be a part of your ceremony are great to add into the program with a description of the meaning behind it.

What are your thoughts on wedding programs? Will you have them? Do you like them as a guest at weddings?


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