Monday, April 23, 2012

DIY Chalkboard Aisle Runner

A wedding ceremony is the most meaningful part of any wedding day and the start of the commitment you'll make to each other. It's what the rest of the day's all about!

Your ceremony, as much as the details of your reception, should have amazing elements that show your guests how special your love story is.

This DIY Chalkboard Aisle Runner, found on Bridal Musings, is such a neat way to incorporate a personal and meaningful element that's so unique into your ceremony.

Chalkboard Aisle Runner via Bridal Musings

A great way to do-it-yourself is to get an adhesive chalkboard roll and chalkboard pens. Be sure to write on a flat surface!

If your ceremony site won't allow you to stick the adhesive to the floor, that's no problem! Simply adhere the roll to cardboard (or similar) backing instead. Make sure the backing you pick won't slip when walked on though.

The possibilities are endless! Special messages to each other from the bride and groom, meaningful song lyrics, religious passages or favorite quotes make for great suggestions.

What would you write?

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