Friday, May 10, 2013

The Kissing Menu

How do you feel about the tradition of clinking glasses to make the newlyweds kiss? Many of my couples completely hate this and even go as far as to have family members spread the word to guests not to do this at the reception.

Personally, I think it's sweet, and a tradition that's cute and fun! I'm beginning to think though that the days might be numbered for this activity with more modern couples.

Then I saw this:

Kissing Menu via Signatures by Sarah

Make your guests work for the KISS?! Genius! :) It's the best of both worlds - guests get the kisses they want, but you get amazing photo ops and memories for a lifetime! Plus, requests will be spaced out more, since the performance comes with a price. Personal favorite - The Serenade! I love the idea of a whole table belting out their favorite love song for you! (Picturing the bar scene from Top Gun here....)

You'd probably need one of these menus at each table, so all your guests will be in on the game. They can scheme together easier that way as well. You'd also want to get your DJ or Band on board with it too - they'll be able to help get guests the spotlight when they're ready to pick something off the menu.

What do you think? Is a Kissing Menu in your future? If you were a guest, would you play along? Comment and weigh in!

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