Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Wedding Magazine All About You!

One of the main reasons that I LOVE what I do so much is I absolutely LOVE hearing the individual stories that brought our couples together and helping them incorporate those amazing details into their wedding day.

When I came across this blog post on Ruffled about Personalized Wedding Magazines, I had to share it with you!

Twenty Pages is a company who believes each story is unique and meant to be told. They'll take your story, and all the details of your big day - fun and practical,  and turn it into a magazine for your guests!

Twenty Pages via Ruffled

You provide the content and pictures and they take care of all the rest - layouts, design, photo retouching and customization. They'll put it all together for you and then you'll proof the magazine before it goes to print.

Twenty Pages via Ruffled

It's all done in professional print quality and it's all about you! For an additional charge, you can even add more fun elements like customized games and puzzles or friends and family testimonials.

I'm loving this idea! What do you think?

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