Monday, September 30, 2013

Unity Glass Ceremony

Many of my couples lately want to do a unity ritual during their ceremony, but want something different than candles or sand. I've come across some really neat ideas lately and thought I'd share.

First one up - A Unity Glass Ceremony!

Unity In Glass
So here's how it works:

Unity in Glass is a company that will create stunning, one-of-a-kind art sculptures from glass pieces that you blend together during your ceremony.

Unity In Glass Ceremony
The different colors come in separate packets shipped to you. You both mix them together (similar to a sand ceremony) then shipped the mixed colors back to them where they hand blow the glass into sculptures, bowls, heart weights, or even ornaments!

Unity In Glass
Unity In Glass
I love how individual each piece becomes and how it creates a lasting piece of art that you'll be able to display. On their website they talk about using some of your leftover pieces to create ornaments for parent gifts - how special is that?!

I've talked with some couples who have children they'd like to include at their ceremony as well. I think something like this is perfect. Each family member could have their own color and then when blown, all the colors meld together permanently and beautifully. You could have the keepsake ornament created for each child as a special gift after the wedding.

Thanks to Offbeat Bride for pinning such a cool idea!

What do you think - would you have a Unity Glass Ceremony?

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