Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The 'First Look' Debate

As weddings have evolved and brides have become more modern, an increasing amount of couples have opted to ditch the tradition and decide on a 'first look' of each other before the ceremony.

Now legend has it that it is bad luck to see each other beforehand, but we have to question how something as special as this could be considered bad luck...

Touching First Look
Don't get us wrong - we completely understand the desire to keep to tradition! And if you are a couple that feels seeing each other before the aisle isn't for you, we love that you're keeping with this time-honored sentiment! However, there are a lot of upsides to taking a peek at your soon-to-be before you actually tie the knot, and we're all for it if you are!

For one, this may be the only private moment you have together all day. From the moment you walk back down the aisle together you will surrounded by congratulations and photos and family and friends and TRUST US, it will be a lot. A sweet moment together will calm and center you both.

It also gives you great pictures! After the first look, you'll be able to take all the gorgeous pictures together as a couple as well as with you bridal party and even family, if you have the time. Giving you time to enjoy and be a part of your cocktail hour and reception.

Now, if you're still undecided about whether having a first look is for you, maybe you can compromise when you see this picture. No bad mojo here, and still sweet, fun pictures :)

Blindfold First Look
Isn't that the cutest?! What a wonderful idea!

And for the steadfast and traditional brides, here's a different kind of first look entirely, but just as sweet, all the same...

Dad's First Look
Aren't dads just the best?! Don't forget about this other, and first, important man in your life! 

What's your stance on the great 'first look' debate?

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