Monday, August 6, 2012

DIY Wedding Signs

This week's inspiration is DIY wedding signs! Whether it's directional signs to help guests know where to go or a sweet quote that describes love and marriage, signs can really add unique touches that will enhance your guests' overall experience.

With the summer wedding season coming to an end and the beautiful weather that fall brings, outdoor wedding are very popular, and what better way to add a unique detail to a wedding then with a fun sign!

Hashtag Sign

Here is a way to incorporate a non-traditional guestbook into your wedding and have a fun activity for guests. Have guest send a special message via twitter on their phones with your wedding hashtag that your sign can display. Afterward, you can print off your guests' tweets and put them in your guestbook. What an unique and interesting idea!

Would you be interested in incorpoating this sign idea at your wedding?

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