Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The "Unplugged" Wedding

As a follow up from Monday's post about Instagram, today we thought we'd go to the other side of the "aisle" (yes - pun intended!) and talk about a new trend popping up, the "Unplugged Wedding."

We're all so connected in today's world with our mobile phones and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but do you really want pictures like this?

Technology Wedding via Wedding Wire
Technology Wedding via  The Offbeat Bride
Some couples are opting to ask their guests to turn everything off for their big day, or at least the ceremony. Instead, they're nicely asking guests to focus on the reason for the day and the happy couple making a commitment to each other, letting the professionals take the amazing pictures you're paying them for.

Unplugged Wedding Sign via Diva Productions
I think I land somewhere in the middle...I love the idea of a completely unplugged ceremony, but think it would be a fun to see all the candid shots from guests at cocktails and the reception.

Where do you fall on this debate? Are you unplugged or completely connect?

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