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Wedding Guest DO's and DON'T's

Weddings should be a fun and exciting celebration for everyone involved, including the guests! The fabulous couple that invited you to their big day truly want you to share in their complete joy with them. That being said, as a Wedding Planner, I've seen my share of Wedding Guest taboo moments that totally piled additional, unnecessary, stress on the couple.  Here's a few simple tips, as guests, to follow to make their wedding go just the way they've hoped and dreamed it would.

DOs & DONTs - Wedding Guest Etiquette

1. DO RSVP. And that doesn't mean a phone call the day before the wedding! More than likely, the couple had an RSVP date listed on their invitations, which means that they should receive your RSVP by that date. It's important for the bride and groom to know their guest count by this date so that they can plan on the right amount of food, tables, chairs, and favors for their guests. Don't make them call you the week before to find out if you're coming! It's so much extra hassle in a week full of tiny details already. 

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2. DON'T assume your invitation entitles you to a plus-one. Or, for that matter, to bring your children. While many couples may really wish they could invite your entire family, or let you bring a date, the reality is that every extra person is an additional cost for the wedding that may just not be in the budget. If the invitation doesn't indicate that you are welcome to bring your kids or a date, your best bet is to just steer clear. 

3. DO arrive on time. There is nothing more awkward than walking into the ceremony as the bridal party is making their way down the aisle! As much as you may try to sneak in around or behind them, there is still a big chance of you ending up in the couple's ceremony pictures, not to mention the fact that you've gathered the rest of the guests' attention. Arriving 15 to 30 minutes before the ceremony begins (making sure to leave time for traffic and getting lost!) is a sure way to avoid any awkward entrances.

4. DON'T forget to turn off your cell-phone during the ceremony. Imagine this: the couple is in the middle of the most beautiful vows, and about to say "I do."  All of the sudden, your phone begins to ring, echoing throughout the church. You don't want this to be you! Next time you're attending a wedding ceremony, make sure you turn your cell-phone off or on silent to make sure its not!

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5. DO dress appropriately. If a wedding is set on a farm, you may want to nix the six-inch stilettos. On the other hand, just because a wedding is out in the country, doesn't mean you should wear jeans and a T-shirt. Many couples these days have wedding websites, and usually have a "what to wear" section, just for this purpose. Check it out, you'll find all kinds of great tips about the event and some fun facts about them as a couple!

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6. DON'T drink too much. Remember, this day is all about the bride and groom, and while they may have an open bar, this doesn't mean a "drink all you want" bar. Eat, drink, and be merry for sure, but don't be "that guy" that everyone keeps wishing had been cut off three hours ago.

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7. DO be an actual guest. Chances are, the couple spent a lot of money on their vendors. This means that they already have a wedding coordinator, a photographer, and a bartender doing their jobs. As a guest, you should relax and enjoy the wedding rather than trying to take on tasks that the couple paid vendors to do for them. Even if you are a self-proclaimed wedding planner or photographer, the bride and groom invited you to the wedding to enjoy their special day, not to coordinate the ceremony or suggest a list of photos that the photographer most likely already has. Leave it to the pro's and enjoy yourself!

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That's our list and biggest pet peeves for wedding guests! The next time you attend a wedding, keep in mind the DO's and DON'T's of being a wonderful wedding guest, and we know that both you and the bride & groom will have an amazing time!

How'd we do? Do you have any DO's or DON'T's to add to the list we left off?!

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