Wednesday, February 5, 2014

City Map Seating Chart

My favorite weddings are the ones that incorporate special touches about the couple and what makes their love story unique. I love it when guests get to learn more about the bride & groom! Whether it's as simple as some childhood pictures, a sign with their love story, or table names with meaningful things on them, all of these details make the day that much more intimate.

I saw this and thought it was a really neat way to add that personal touch every wedding needs!

via Bridal Musings
This couple used a city map as their seating chart for guests! Each table was named after a different location in Paris and guests found their names and found their seats. You could use your home town, the city you met, where you got engaged....the possibilities abound!

Speaking from my Gator side - I think doing this with a map of the University of Florida campus would be Gatortastic! You could use your dorms, classes you had together, special campus, right? (Obviously I'm biased here, but any college would be special and really unique!)

One of my rules is that you should always alphabetize your seating charts and escort cards - it's just immensely easier for your guests. I love this idea so much though, I'm willing to break the rule here (What's a rule without that exception, right?). If your guest count is on the smaller side, you'll be set. If you have a bit of a larger wedding planned, think about electing a special person (or wedding planner!) that has an alphabetized list to assist guests standing nearby.

How are your guests finding their seats?

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