Monday, October 8, 2012

Circular Seating at Wedding Ceremonies

Circular seating at ceremonies is a new trend emerging in weddings, and one of our couples this coming Spring will be using it at their beautiful outdoor ceremony in April! We couldn't be more excited!

The circle symbolizes unity and eternity, making it a perfect fit for wedding ceremonies. It can even reinforce the idea of family by having your closest family members within the inner circle. They'll feel as if they're truly apart of your wedding with their special seating.

Circular Seating via Pinterest

In addition, everyone gets a great view! Instead of having some guests way in the back trying to catch a glimpse over someone's head, setting up a 360 degree view means less chairs so far away.

Circular Wedding Ceremony Seating via Wedding Bee
This spiral is so cool!  Can you imagine walking down such a beautiful long aisle? You would get a special moment with each guest as you pass them.

What do you think? Is a circular ceremony right for you?

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