Monday, March 23, 2015

Coffee Wedding Favors

I, admittedly, am a coffee enthusiast. I love everything to do with it from the taste, to the homey-warmth, to the plethora of cup options (I actually have a personal coffee cup collection). I know I'm not alone in my obsession though - and because of this, coffee makes an awesome wedding favor!

It's something that your guests will definitely brew and enjoy later, whether it's the next morning while recovering from all the fun, or a month from the big day with fond memories.

I literally went "OOOOOHHH!" when I saw this coffee favor idea on Emmaline Bride. It's combination coffee cups with coffee grounds!

via Emmaline Bride
The mugs are adorable and such a usable favor! It's such a great idea to pair them with personalized coffee grounds as well. We've talked about the idea of having coffee mug favors before with "Muglies" - check it out on our blog here! So much fun!

I love this take on coffee ground favors too:

via Brides
It personalizes it so much more by just picking a "his" and "hers" flavor. Super easy and super cute!

If you're looking for some more fabulous coffee wedding ideas, check out our "Good to the Last Drop" post!

Are you a coffee lover too? Will it play a part in your big day?

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