Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Muglies" Favors

I've mentioned before that I'm an avid coffee drinker and actually collect coffee mugs. :) I love how unique mugs can be - from the tackiest tourist ones to funny ones for all occasions, I love them all! The kookier the better!

I saw this on The Offbeat Bride and HAD to talk about it with you all!!! It's "Muglies" - ugly mugs!

The Offbeat Bride
It makes a great alternative to rented glassware, or plastic, and doubles effortlessly as favors your guests can hand-select. Pair it with an adorable sign and you're in business!

The sign above reads: "Coffee Mugs as unique as the many characters inside our community of beloved friends and family. Feel free to take your 'muglie' home with you!"

You can personalize them for your event with custom stickers on the bottom, or side, displaying your names and date as well. It'd be even more wonderful for couples having a morning wedding! You could place it next to a cappuccino machine or coffee bar!

I just love this idea to pieces! How about you?

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