Monday, October 1, 2012

Outdoor Weddings and Heels

With this lovely fall weather approaching, outdoor weddings are simply gorgeous events! Some of the most beautiful ceremonies and receptions MasterPiece has been apart of were outdoor, and we are all for these locations!

With ceremonies being held outside, the bride and bridesmaids heels can potentially create a dilemma. Nobody wants to be sinking into the grass and staining the stunning heals they paid a fortune for! We found a solution to this problem that helps keeps heels from sinking into the ground!

Ceremony Stepping Stones for Bridesmaids

How cute are these tiny stepping stones for bridesmaids to stand on during the ceremony!? No sinking into the ground, plus what a cute photo-op!


How about these heel stoppers! Even if your ceremony isn't outside, you'll most likely still want some outdoor photos. These are so easy for the bride and bridesmaids to slip on and off when outside!

Heel Stoppers for Outdoor Photos

What are some other ways you've seen brides and bridesmaids deal with this problem during a ceremony or picture-taking?

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