Friday, June 14, 2013

Mason Jar Week: Hanging Jars!

Our week on Mason Jars wouldn't be complete without talking about hanging them as decor for your big day! From ceilings to branches, to even stamps (yes, we said stamps!), we've found the best way to incorporate the beloved Mason Jar into your wedding day!

Hanging Mason Jars via Vintage & Lace
We love the idea of making a space feel warm and inviting by stringing mason jars filled with tea lights. Feel free to mix different sizes and shapes-- this will add visual interest and create a vintage look. Big or small, we love them all!

Hanging Mason Jars with Candles & Pebbles via Pinterest
If you want a fuller look, you can fill your jars with both tea lights and pebbles! We adore the idea of hanging them from tree branches with twine for a southern setting.

Hanging Mason Jars with Flowers via Vintage & Lace
Mason Jars. Flowers. What more can you ask for? The outcome is even more gorgeous when you combine the two! Add the type of flowers that are being used throughout your big day to bring the whole look of your wedding together!  Don't forget to fill your jars with water to keep your flowers looking fresh!

Mason Jar Chandelier via Rustic Wedding Chic

We LOVE this! We love this even more because it's a DIY project! 

Mason Jars + Candles + Wire/Twine + Plant Hanger = Mason Jar Chandelier 

Incredibly beautiful! Incredibly inexpensive! 
Mason Jar Stamp via Zazzle
Keep your theme of mason jars consistent throughout your wedding by sending your invitations and RSVP's with Mason Jar Stamps. How adorable!

Mason Jar Stamp via Etsy
Even though this jar isn't hanging, we couldn't resist adding it into our post! Personalized stamps can be used on everything from decor to gift bags.

PS: Don't be nervous about hanging glass. It's super easy to hang these jars from thin wire or twine. Just fasten your material of choice around the neck of the jar and hang at your desired length!

How will you decorate with Mason Jars when you tie the knot?

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