Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Watercolor Bridal Bouquet Preservation

One of my favorite elements of any wedding are the bouquets. My heart always beats a little faster when I know the florist is about to bring them up. They're just always such gorgeous works of art. I love it when the bride gets a look at her flowers for the first time. It's has that "this is finally really happening" element to it; that hint of magic and romance every wedding, no matter how intimate or grand in scale, carries with it.

Brides always look to preserve a touch of that by preserving their bouquets, whether with the bouquet in it's entirety, or by just saving a few petals. It's tricky though, because I never feel like the preserved versions ever really come close to the vibrancy of that day.

Then I saw this idea on Alexan Events and couldn't believe I'd never thought of it! You can have it forever preserved with a watercolor painting!

via Alexan Events
Stunning, right? The paintings have so much romance and life to them! And all you need is a copy of one of the pictures that your photographer took from the day.

via Alexan Events
I love how the artist captured the ribbon and broach in this one as well as the flowers. You can really see the extra touches that made the bouquet personal and meaningful to that particular bride.

via Alexan Events
Wouldn't they be the perfect thing to frame and hang next to your invitation you saved or any other keepsake from your wedding day you've held onto?

What do you think of this idea? Would you have your bouquet preserved in watercolor?

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