Monday, August 5, 2013

Cake Week: The Couture Cake

Wedding cakes have come a long way lately! Remember the days with massive cakes complete with staircases, rows of plastic bridal attendants, and shimmering swans? (I may be showing my age here!) Those days seem to thankfully be gone, and the days are here now where almost anything goes!

From traditional tiers to fondant, cupcakes, pies, and dessert tables galore - all are yummy and can say a lot to your guests about what you guys like as a couple.

Your cake can also be a major centerpiece/decor element at your reception, so it makes sense that it's one of the bigger planning decisions you'll consider. Plus, who doesn't like to go cake tasting?!?!

We thought it'd be fun to devote a week to new twists we've seen on the great cake debate lately!

First up - A Couture Wedding Cake! We saw this on The Bridal Closet and thought that using an accessory from your bridal gown as inspiration was amazing!

via The Bridal Closet
Don't you love her beaded belt? The cake designer used that as the inspiration for the cake's details.
via The Bridal Closet
Check out the finished product!

via The Bridal Closet
Pretty, right? It's simple, personal, and completely unique!

What do you think about using your dress in your wedding cake design?

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