Monday, August 26, 2013

Pinterest Worthy Wedding

via The Bridal Closet
Because, really - if you're planning a wedding, who isn't addicted to Pinterest?!?!

Seriously though, Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration! It's a great place to find ideas, DIY tips, color inspiration, and more. Personally, I should probably find some sort of self-help group....possibly...yeah, definitely...

I have had quite a few brides recently though who've said "I don't want a 'Pinterest' wedding!"

I do think one of the downfalls of it is that the "personal DIY" touches that you 'pin' and swoon over become so much less unique when you look and see they've been re-pinned 689 times.

A way to combat this and have the best of both worlds is to use Pinterest to get your ideas together. Gather your thoughts, colors, look and feel that you're going for and then hire professionals that have that aesthetic you've been drawn to in all your pins.   Be honest with them about what you both like and dislike, and then give them the trust and freedom to do the amazing job you hired them for. Your wedding will end up being so much more unique and completely you than if you took 100 pins and tried to duplicate them exactly.

Regardless though, we still love Pinterest and all the fantastic ideas we find there! Do you too?

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