Monday, May 19, 2014

Game Day Scoreboard

Football season's right around the corner (yay!!) and if you're getting married in the Fall in Gainesville, you're going to check the Gator's Football schedule! It's a given - the busiest day of the Fall wedding season is always the Gator's Bye-Week! Sometimes you can't get around it though... If you're getting married on a big game day, why not consider having something like this?!

via StyleMePretty
Even though we definitely don't like the score on this particular one, we love the idea! To keep guests off of their phones or hounding the DJ, have someone carry around a chalkboard with the updated score of the game. If you don't have someone to carry it around, you could put a chalkboard sign up on the DJ's table for people to check. 

What do you think? Would you and your football fan fiancé love this scoreboard at your wedding?

Oh - and GO GATORS!! :)

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