Friday, May 23, 2014

Splash Zone Guest Book Art

Want an activity that's fun for your guests, and is something you can keep after the wedding as a special memory? We think this is just the thing! 

via Katelyn James Photography
I can definitely say I've never seen something like this at a wedding before! Fill up a bunch of balloons with colorful paint, attach them to a large canvas, and give guests darts to throw at and pop the balloons. After it dries, you can take it home and hang it in your home as a fun, one-of-a-kind piece of modern art!

We think these things might be self explanatory, but you never know:

Make sure to do this outside in a wide open area.
Make sure you keep it away from all other things wedding related. The ceremony, the reception, the cake, the dress...
Make sure the darts are in a safe area and out of the reach of younger children. 
Consider having some sort of barrier as a "throw from here" line so that guests don't get splashed with paint from being too close.

Would you do something like this at your outdoor wedding?

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