Friday, May 2, 2014

Guest Reception Activities

We know that guests can sometimes get antsy while they're waiting at their tables. Whether they're waiting for the first dance, dinner to be served, or maybe for the dance floor to open, it's always nice for them to have something to do.  Having fun activities at their seats can be a great way to keep them happy, entertained and share a little more about what makes your love story so special! Most of these ideas can be turned into really unique guest books after the wedding as well - double-duty awesomeness!!

via Style Me Pretty
A cheat sheet! "5 Things Her Side Should Know About Him" and "5 Things His Side Should Know About Her." This would be a cute, easy way, to not only keep guests entertained, but also to let everyone get to know the couple a little better. There's no need to put one at each place setting either - stand them up like your table numbers and save money on printing!

via Etsy
We think this "Wishes for the Happy Couple" activity would be great in so many ways. It's an interactive activity that the bride and groom can look at after the wedding and keep as a personalized memory.

via Pinterest
Absolutely loving this idea! Put Popsicle Sticks, Sharpies, and a Mason Jar on each table. Have the guests write a fun date idea on one side, sign their name on the other, and drop the stick into the jar. A fun table activity that the couple can use time and again after the wedding!

These are just a few creative guest activity ideas for your reception! Do you have any fun ideas to add?

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