Friday, December 14, 2012

DIY Evergreen Stars

I just had to talk about one final DIY project from Monday's Inspiration board - these gorgeous Evergreen Stars!
Evergreen Stars via Martha Stewart
I found the project on Martha Stewart, the goddess of all things do-it-yourself! These seem slightly time-consuming, but easy enough to make.

You'll need basswood strips, a craft knife, wood glue, cut greens (Martha used fresh, but I think silk would work great too), and a hot glue gun.

DIY Evergreen Steps via Martha Stewart
You start by using the wood glue to glue the sticks into your desired star shape and then use the hot glue gun to glue on the greenery.

You can find the complete set of instructions and a handy star template HERE.

It might take a little while when you take into account letting the glue dry, but look at what an amazing effect they create all together!

Evergreen Stars via Martha Stewart
I can picture them hanging behind a sweetheart or cake table or on the side of a barn just as easily.

What do you think? Are they worth all the glue?

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