Friday, December 21, 2012

Wine Bottle Cork Napkin Rings

Did you love the Wine Bottle Centerpieces from Wednesday's post as much as I did? Keeping with the theme....check out these DIY Wine Cork Napkin Rings, perfect for any wine inspired wedding!

Wine Cork Napkin Rings via The Brass Paperclip Project
The full directions can be found on The Brass Paperclip Project, here. You'll need about 3 sliced corks (check out her blog for directions and tips for slicing up your corks), heavy needle, stretchy thread, beads, ruler and scissors.

You alternate threading cork slices and beads until you have 6", then tie them off and you're ready to go!

Depending on the beads you chose, you could change up the look dramatically - colorful or sparkly beads would be beautiful and add a pop.

Want to incorporate other wine elements into your wedding?

How about using them for your seating?

Wine Cork Seating Chart via Home Talk
Wine Cork Seating via Pinterest
And - I'm loving this for a dessert bar!

Wine Barrel Dessert Bar via Pinterest

What do you think? Comment and tell us how you're using wine at your wedding!

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