Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wine Bottle Centerpieces

Glowing candlelight adds tons of romance at any wedding, and who doesn't have a surplus of wine bottle this time of year calling out to be up-cycled? How about this as a beautiful (and affordable!) centerpiece for your wedding?

Wine Bottle Centerpiece via Karin Lidbeck
The mix of different glass colors and heights of the bottles is key.

To make yourself:

Wrap the center of the bottle with pretty wrapping paper, using double-sided tape to make a clean seam on the back. Use different, but coordinating patterns for a varied look. (A great way to use up those scraps of wrapping paper from oddly sized packages you've been saving for years!) Then simply tie on a ribbon and add your candle - Ta-Da!!

They look fabulous for a winter wedding, but by changing up the wrapping paper and ribbon, would look just as amazing any other time of the year as well. I love the elegant effect they create!

After Christmas sales are the perfect time to shop for wrapping paper and ribbon galore too!

I love this idea so much, I may use it at my next dinner party, what do you think?

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