Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Beer at Your Wedding

Craft beer is all the rage now, and since there are so many amazing local breweries here in Gainesville, these are some classy ways to incorporate beer into your wedding! While this may not be for everyone, for our beer lovers out there, you understand the beauty and fun that can be had with making beer a theme to your wedding.

These adorable labels can transform any beer into a special detail at your wedding. Whether its a home brew that you bottled, or a beer that someone else brewed, these labels really make a statement and can wow your guests!

Koozies are a great wedding favor as well! Especially since one of our local breweries will start selling their beer in cans soon. (We're looking at you Swamp Head!) There are also so many fun slogans to put on koozies that you are really able to add a personal touch to your wedding like you can see here:

And here:


Don't forget a great chalkboard sign on the bar to tell guests all about their special selections!

Would you make beer a focus or theme of your wedding? Can you think of any more ways to do incorporate beer in a fun, classy way?

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