Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautiful Handkerchief Vows

I love it when couples write their own vows to each other for their ceremony. Whether part or all of the promises are unique, it makes the ceremony so personal and meaningful! 

Inevitably though, brides and grooms struggle with what to read them from or use as a back-up to memorization.

I found these and thought that they were both beautiful and practical at the same time!
Handkerchief Wedding Vows via Martha Stewart Weddings

Aren't they pretty? These ones are hand-painted by a calligrapher featured on Martha Stewart's site. Couples finalize their vows and send them to her to get painted on the handkerchiefs in time for the wedding. 

I think that it would make a really special DIY project though too. You can find all kinds of fabric paint pens at various craft stores and hand write them yourselves. I love the idea of such a personal message being written in your own handwriting. 

Are you writing your own vows? How will you be reading them during the ceremony?

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