Friday, May 3, 2013

Let Me Drive You Home

A huge concern for a lot of our couples is making sure it's easy for their guests to stay safe and avoid drinking and driving home from their reception.

A great idea that we've used in the past is to utilize the hotel shuttle from the hotel where your block of rooms are. Many times hotels will let you reserve their shuttle to take your guests back and forth from the reception.

I saw this though and couldn't believe that I've never seen it before - what an awesome idea!!

Drive Boys via Pinterest
This couple hired two teams of guys to shuttle their guests home after partying. They worked in pairs so that one could drive the couple, while the other drove the couple's car back as well.

All guests had to do was locate one of the guys with the "Let me take you home!" shirts and they were taken care of!

It would be perfect for Gainesville brides too! We definitely have a plethora of college students looking for a little extra money around here! I would probably recommend running a driving history on them, just to cover all your bases. 

What do you think of this idea? Have you seen any other creative ways to help keep your guests safe?

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