Monday, May 13, 2013

Wine Bottle Guest Book

I just love it when couples take different things that tell a little bit about their love story and incorporate it into their wedding day. It just makes the whole event that much more meaningful and brings your guests in closer.

If you're a couple who's love of wine brought you together, or where wine played an important role in your history together (maybe he popped the question in a vineyard?), check this out for your guest book.

Wine Bottle Guest Book via Couture Events
I love the idea of getting a special bottle of wine and having guests sign the bottle with metallic Sharpies! You could pick a bottle from a vineyard that's important to you, your favorite label, or get something generic and  have a special label made with your names, date, and when it's to be opened.

If you're having a larger wedding, you could have several bottles for guests to pick from, maybe one for each special anniversary? You'd be reminded of all the love from your family and friends each time you opened a bottle to toast with!

Are you making wine a special element at your wedding? Tell us how!

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