Monday, July 15, 2013

Easy DIY Dahlia Centerpiece

Happy Monday everyone!

Summer is simply flying by! August is right around the corner, which means... we're coming up on my favorite time of year - FALL!

I thought that a little early Fall inspiration was in order with this incredibly simple (and gorgeous!) Dahlia centerpiece I found on Karin Lidbeck's Blog. August & September are peak season for these pretty flowers. What better way to showcase them than with this?

Dahlia Centerpiece via Karin Lidbeck
It's so simple, but makes such a statement on a table!

Dahlia Centerpiece via Karin Lidbeck
To make it yourself, you'll need a shallow basin that holds water, Dahlias in a variety of colors, and some floating candles.

Cut the stems short to float the flower heads, add the candles, and Ta-Da - you're done!

This would make such a beautiful centerpiece for your reception tables! Doing rectangular tables? Long rectangular, or a mix of square and rectangular, basins would be fantastic too! You could even group smaller basins of different heights for a totally different look as well.

Are you getting married in early Fall? What seasonal flowers are you using at your wedding?

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