Monday, July 8, 2013

Switching Sides for Parents at Your Ceremony

I know that I've mentioned before how much I love reading the Planning Forever Events Blog by Saundra Hadley. I was catching up on it the other day and read her post about parents being seated on the "wrong sides" at ceremonies. I thought it was such a cool idea - I had to share it with you guys too!

So the story goes that she was coordinating a ceremony and something inadvertently got switched up and the parents sat down on opposite sides from their bride/groom child. Traditionally, Brides stand on the left with the Groom on the right. Typically, each person's parents will then sit directly behind them as well. In this case, the parents mixed things up and sat on the wrong sides of the aisle.

After this "oops!" moment, she realized how amazing this actually is, and I agree!

via Happily Ever Strader
You see, if the parents don't follow tradition, their view is totally different! They actually get to see their son or daughter's face as they say their vows, rather than the back of their heads! Brilliant, right?!

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If it was your child up there, wouldn't you want to see their expressions, tears, joy, and happiness during one of the most important moments of their lives? When I think about how I'll feel at my three boys' weddings (many, many, many years from now!) I know I'd want to be on the opposite side too.

It would work for pictures as well! The photographer would be able to get a shot of your parents watching you while you say your vows. You're smiling, and they'd be in the picture, witnessing it.

I just love re-inventing traditions! Would you mix things up at your wedding like this?

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