Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summer Wedding Fun!

Summer has hit in full force here in Florida and I'm dying to find time to hit the beach!

I saw this idea for a beach ceremony and it made me run to grab my flip-flops!

via Ruffled
Isn't it so fun?!?! They had their guests toss mini beach balls after the "I-do's!"

via Ruffled
I just love this! They're so colorful, they stand out easily in the pictures and make such a fun and cute favor for guests.

A version of this would be neat as well for places where confetti or birdseed and rice isn't allowed. You could have mini pom-poms or solid color balls in your wedding colors for guests to toss. They'd be easy to clean-up quickly with no mess left behind at your ceremony site.

Are you having your ceremony on the beach? Tell us about your beachy details!

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