Monday, November 11, 2013

Mimosa Bar

We've been booking more and more Sunday morning weddings lately and we are loving it! It's such a great option for couples for so many reasons. Your bridal party and guests don't need to worry about taking off work if they are traveling for your event, venues are typically less expensive, and you can do really neat and unique things like brunch receptions!

I came across this awesome idea from the Wedding Chicks and thought it would be perfect as the bar for couples who are having a morning wedding! It's a Mimosa Bar!!

Wedding Chicks
In this example it's set up for a special bridal shower. Picture it on a beautifully put together bar space with fancy linens and some additional options and it's elegance itself for your wedding!

Wedding Chicks
I love how everyone can choose their own mixers for the Champagne. For couples who are trying to keep costs down, this is enough for your complete bar. You could even do a Mimosa Bar and Dessert only reception! (Maybe with this fabulous Donut Cake from our earlier post?!)

Whether it's as a special signature drink option for guests, or your main bar, we are loving this idea for weddings! What do you think about having a Mimosa Bar at yours?

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