Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Preserving More Than Just Your Cake Top

Everyone's heard about the tradition for newlyweds to save the top of their wedding cake and eat it together on their first anniversary. Said to bring good fortune to their marriage, this custom began in the early 19th century when wedding cakes were typically brandy soaked fruit desserts that were easily saved and preserved for later.

Today's brides have a harder time keeping their fabulously decorated and flavorful cakes fresh for an entire year. Plus, for lots of couples, the thought of eating a year old cake isn't that appealing.

I saw this post on the Offbeat Bride and instantly thought - genius! Aberrant Ornaments has come up with the perfect solution - miniaturized replicas of your wedding cake!

Aberant Ornaments
After your wedding you send them a picture of your cake and they'll sculpt this mini version for you to save forever - no freezer wrap required!

They all come with tiny hooks to use as an ornament or can all stand on their own on a shelf - perhaps by your wedding photo?

Aberant Ornaments
The sculptures are as unique your wedding and love story and will be an adorable reminder of that special day!

I feel like they'd make a great anniversary gift for a special couple down the road as well.

Would you make this your new wedding cake tradition?

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