Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Starry Night Wedding Inspiration

One of my favorite paintings has always been Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh:

Starry Night via WikiPaintings
I just go dreamy eyed over all the jeweled-toned blues and golds! I've long since thought that it would be a beautiful color palate for a weddings, so......

Unity Painting, Earrings, Tablescape, Star Lights, Straws, Invitation,
Shoes, Cake, Floating Lanterns, Bouquets, Painted Votive Favors
Do you love the combination of colors as much as I do? These colors lend themselves perfectly for a Fall Wedding that's not traditionally "Fall/Autumn" themed. They have such a richness to them that's perfect for this time of year!

I think a great idea in this case would be to incorporate elements of painting itself. The Votive Favors are hand painted, and I'm still crazy for the idea of a Painted United Canvas for a ceremony.

Are you basing your colors, or theme, for you wedding on anything in particular?

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