Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Unity Candle Alternative

Sick of the traditional Unity Candle idea, but still want to do something during your ceremony that represents  your commitment and two becoming one? Is your ceremony outside?

If the answer is "Yes" to both - take a look at what I found on Grey Likes Weddings!

Paint Unity Ceremony via Grey Likes Weddings
This couple created their own painting in place of the traditional unity candle! I think this is the neatest idea!

I love how it creates a meaningful piece of art that can be hung and enjoyed forever. Let's face it, not many people display their unity candles in their home, but a cool piece of art like this would be awesome!

What's your vote? Too out of the box, or right up your alley?


  1. Awesome blog on making the day more memorable in a unique way. if you go for Rings For Engagement at Pravins you will find some more fun for your wedding...

  2. I love the idea! I will mention it to my brides and grooms as a cool alternative to the unity candle and sand ceremony.