Friday, March 1, 2013

After Flats - Foldable Shoes!

We've all been there - found the most amazing pair of heels to wear to a special event and then half-way through the night, our feet start killing us and we end up dancing the night away barefoot or in a cheap pair of flip-flops.

That's why when After Flats contacted me and asked if I'd try out their foldable ballet flats, I was super intrigued and said yes immediately!

Here's how they work:

After Flats Steps

Genius, right?! And SO much cuter than plastic flip-flops!

I requested these Snake Skin ones, but they have a variety of other colors as well including, black, white, and silver.
Snake Skin Pair via After Flats

Mine look exactly as pictured and are super comfy when on. I used them last week after a bridal show while we were breaking down our booth - my feet thanked me big time!

I agree that they make a great affordable bridesmaid gift! You can get them in a color that coordinates with their gowns, and a pair for your feet too. They are easy to personalize as well - you can have the outside of the clutch embroidered with their initials, or anything else you like. Your girls will thank you for saving their feet while they are partying!

Bride Wearing Her After Flats
The only issue I found was that I had some trouble stuffing them into the clutch if I tried to fit anything in there with the shoes. I'm not sure how easy it would be to use them as your only bag for a night out if you also need to carry some money, cell phone, or lipstick. I have big feet, so it might be easier with the smaller sizes. :)

The clutch is small enough though to fit in a purse with your other essentials and would be simple stick in your bag and carry with you for the night.

What do you think? Are you as curious as I was? Head over to After Flats website and take a look!

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