Friday, March 29, 2013

Wedding Crayons

We saw these really cute crayons a bride made from a post on The Wedding Chicks blog, and wanted to figure out and share how to do this project yourself! These crayons would be perfect for a kids table at your reception or as a favor for your guests. We love the idea of covering a kids table with a craft paper roll and letting the kids go to town at the reception. How fun would it be to take a section and frame it from your wedding, or include it in the guest book?

Heart Crayons via The Wedding Chicks
Here's what you need:

  • hot plate or microwave (or any type of double boiler)
  • small glass bowls
  • broken crayons
  • heart candy mold
  • freezer space

Here's how you do it:

  • Make sure all of the paper wrappers are off of the crayons
  • Melt the broken crayons down on the hot plate (separate by color if you prefer). If using a microwave instead, melt the crayons in a bowl inside another bowl of water to ensure the wax melts evenly
  • Pour the melted wax into the molds
  • Freeze the wax until it sets

And now you have perfect heart shaped crayons! How could you incorporate this into your wedding? Are there any other shapes you would use?

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