Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wedding Keepsake Ornaments

I often get asked: "What do I do with my bouquet after my wedding?" or "Our invites are way too beautiful to toss out, but I don't know what to do with them."

I know this is me exactly - I've got a box in my closet (that's moved everywhere with us) full of scraps of ribbon, invitations, favor tags, etc. from our wedding. I just don't want to part with it, but have nothing to do with it either.

I saw this and thought that it was such a perfect and inexpensive solution! Turn on your crafty side and make them into timeless Christmas ornaments that will last you a lifetime. Here's an idea of two different options:

Via Wedding Party
If you want to add in dried out petals, simply take apart a flower's bloom and spread the petals out on piece of paper towel. Set them in a well-ventilated area where breezes won't blow the petals around.

I loved the idea of adding in a wine cork from a wine bottle at the reception with them!

Another idea is to cut your invitation into strips (the text lines are great breaks for the strips). Curl the strips by wrapping them around a dowel or curling iron for fatter curls, or a pencils for tighter curls. It's great when you can face the important bits of text out towards the glass.

Mix and match everything together, or simply pick your favorite and go for it.

Viola! You now have a beautiful ornament to bring back memories for years! You can add details to the outside of the ornament (wedding date, location, etc.) with a paint marker, usually a few dollars at your local craft store.

Already tossed the bouquet? Visit your local florist to purchase a few stems of the flowers that were in your wedding bouquet and follow the process. Dig out the invite if it's in a box and put it on display!

Simple, easy, beautiful! Would you do this with your keepsakes?

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