Monday, March 18, 2013

Call Anyone but the Bride

"Lost? Confused? Can't find your pants?"

Phone List via Oh So Beautiful Paper
I saw this and literally laughed out loud! But seriously, I think it's Brilliant with a capital B!

Really, as The Bride, you have enough going on during your wedding day. Not that you don't want to hear from loving friends and family, but you want to be able to take this one day and focus on yourself and enjoying the moment and the commitment you're about to make.

Providing your guests with a list of important phone numbers and people designated to help if someone needs anything will certainly cut down on the details to worry about and help keep you from needing your phone glued to your hip while you're getting ready. Nothing can frazzle a bride more than getting a hundred calls during hair and make-up with questions ranging from "The best-man can't find his tie," to "Uncle Bob is lost and can't find the hotel," or even "Where should we go for lunch?"

Something like this will help you to be able to relax and really be a guest at your own wedding!

I love this idea! How about you?

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