Friday, March 15, 2013

Denny's Wedding Chapel

Here's to a little Friday fun!

Eloping to Vegas? Well if you are and crave pancakes, I know just the place for you to go! I know this sounds crazy, but Denny's really did open up a wedding chapel in Las Vegas! They have weddings inside the restaurant and offer a full range of packages to couples, everything from champagne and dessert to complete meals.

Sounds tastefully tempting to us!

Denny's images via Huffington Post
They'll even make you a wedding cake from their famous Pancake Puppies! Mmmm...imagine a pancake wedding cake! YUM!

Pancake photo via TheKnot
What a way to have a wedding! You can check out the complete article here at the Huffington Post.

Are you eloping? Where to?

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