Thursday, July 6, 2017

Vintage Trucks at Your Wedding

If you've been following us on social media for any time at all (and if you're not - you totally should be! @masterpiece_weddings, Facebook, @weddingtalk1, or Pinterest) you've seen we've got a slight obsession with amazing vintage trucks at our weddings.

Here are just a few of our favorite moments from OUR real weddings:

They just shout out vintage, rockin', FUN! And they're so versatile too! They make the perfect photo opportunity for the newlyweds with or without their bridal parties:

You can dress them up all pretty:
wedded bliSS
They can even be your centerpieces - in miniature version, of course:

Once WedA Little Dose of Sunshine, Pinterest, Etsy
And they make the perfect getaway vehicle! Even if you just take a ride after the ceremony to give you both a moment to take it all in - you'll look fantastic doing it!

Fiore Fresco
One thing to think about before you commit to borrowing or renting one: make sure someone knows how to drive it! :) Stick shifting cars aren't the norm any longer, so whoever is going to be taking it for a spin, make sure they've got some experience or have time beforehand for a lesson.

What do you think? Are you using a vintage truck in your upcoming wedding? How? We can't wait for you to comment and tell us about it!