Friday, May 31, 2013

Flower Girl Ideas Week: Tutus!

Flower girl dresses can be everything from fashion-forward to simply sweet. The possibilities are truly endless and some of them can get a little costly as well.

We'd like to bring attention to the Tutu option!

Country Tutu via Style Me Pretty
Not only are they adorableness beyond measure, but what little girl isn't secretly dreaming of being a ballerina?

Flower Girls Twirling via Footstone Photography
Tutus make a great budget-friendly option as well, because you can pair them with a simple leotard or t-shirt and you're good to go. Both pieces are readily available at all different locations and price points, and both pieces have future uses in them. Whether they can be worn to ballet class or just for afternoon dress-up play, you can be assured they'll be twirling in them long after your wedding!

Flower Girl Tutu via Ruffles and Stuff
You can even make them yourself! Here's a fantastic tutorial for making your own tutus from Martha Stewart! It's really way easier than you might think and doesn't take much time at all.

Flower Girl Tutu via Ruffles and Stuff
I love, love, love this for Flower Girl Fashion!

How have you liked our week-long flower girl ideas? Are there any other topics out there you'd love for us to focus on? Comment and tell us!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flower Girl Ideas Week: Photo Ideas!

Of course you'll get pictures with your flower girls at your wedding, but are you thinking that you might want to do something a little extra special? I found these super-sweet images and went "awww..." at each of them!

Flower Girl Make-up Touch-up via Pinterest
This first one's of the bride helping her flower girl touch up her lip gloss. It's such a "big girl" moment and perfect to capture on film!

Flower Girls Hiding Under the Dress via Wedding Party
I thought that this was was SO FUN! :) They look so mischievous and adorable all at the same time!

Flower Girl Looking at Dress via Intimate Weddings
This one is too sweet for words! Not only do you get a gorgeous shot of your gown and little flower girl, but it would make an amazing future gift for her as well! I love the idea of giving this to her on her own wedding day or at her bridal shower. It's the perfect symbolism for her journey from child to woman as she becomes a wife.

Which idea is your favorite?

Monday, May 27, 2013

Flower Girl Ideas Week: Flower Girls in Boots!

Flower Girls are too adorable for words, right? We agree and decided to dedicate a week of posts to perhaps the cutest element in your wedding.

First up: Boots aren't just for you and your bridesmaids! Your littlest maids can rock them too!

With "Country Chic" hitting the wedding scene big right now, boots are everywhere. We're on board with this trend too! They're easy to walk around in all day, your feet won't hurt after hours of standing, and heels sinking in grass during outdoor pictures or ceremonies are non-existent.  When you add in an adorable little flower girl in tiny boots - perfection!

One tip for your littlest attendants - pairs are a great thing. Not only is it more cuteness to go around, but the buddy system is awesome at helping calm nerves before walking down the aisle. In a case where one or both of your girls are under the age of five, you definitely want them to have a hand (preferably one that's a little older as well) to hold onto. They are more likely to walk down the aisle and remember where to go if they are a part of a team, instead of all alone.

Are you ladies wearing boots for your wedding? How about your flower girls too?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Paintball Bachelorette Party

I thought this was perfect for a little Friday Fun - Paintball Bachelorette Party!!!!!

Paintball Bride via Bride Tide
You can't get more awesome or unique than this, right?!!

The ladies were told to come in the worst bridesmaid dress they could find (you know the ones you "can completely wear again") and it was time to get crazy! Yes, they were in heels! And, yes, the bride got in on the action with a vintage 70's inspired gown of her own!

Paintball Bride via Bride Tide
Paintball Bride via Bride Tide
Paintball Bride via Bride Tide
 Can you say "Bad-Ass Bride" or what?

Glamour shot here:

Paintball Bride via Bride Tide
 I love all the gowns - completely 27 Dresses!!

Do you have a great Bachelorette Party idea? Tell us about the best one that you've been to!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blush Pink Wedding Gowns

Ever since Jessica Biel chose to say "yes" to pink (and Justin Timberlake) - blush and pink wedding gowns are trending everywhere!

I thought I'd weigh in on this color craze with some images from my favorite blush and pink gowns I've seen.

I love how her white bouquet pops against the color in the gown. It's the perfect dress for a garden wedding! I love the layers with all the flowers!

Blush Gown via Wed Society
Personally, I like pale tones of color for a wedding gown. I think softer color is more romantic and still says "wedding." If the gown's too pink, I feel like it crosses over to sweet 16 territory....but that's just me!

Blush Pink Gown via Elizabeth Anne Designs
Loving all the textures!!

Pink Wedding Gown via Burnett's Boards
Pink Wedding Gown via The Lovely Bohemian
And finally....I simply think this is stunning! Like something out of a novel!

Blush Wedding Gown via Jose Villa

Where do you fall on the color dress question? Are you considering a pink or colored gown for your big day?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Beautiful Handkerchief Vows

I love it when couples write their own vows to each other for their ceremony. Whether part or all of the promises are unique, it makes the ceremony so personal and meaningful! 

Inevitably though, brides and grooms struggle with what to read them from or use as a back-up to memorization.

I found these and thought that they were both beautiful and practical at the same time!
Handkerchief Wedding Vows via Martha Stewart Weddings

Aren't they pretty? These ones are hand-painted by a calligrapher featured on Martha Stewart's site. Couples finalize their vows and send them to her to get painted on the handkerchiefs in time for the wedding. 

I think that it would make a really special DIY project though too. You can find all kinds of fabric paint pens at various craft stores and hand write them yourselves. I love the idea of such a personal message being written in your own handwriting. 

Are you writing your own vows? How will you be reading them during the ceremony?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bridal Party - Brady Bunch Style!

I came across this composite photo on Pinterest and thought it was just so much fun that I had to share!

Brady Bunch Style Bridal Party Photo via Kristen Weaver Photography
I think that this is the coolest way to capture your attendants' personalities! Seriously, way better than the standard posed shots of all of you together, right? This would make me smile every time I turned to it in our wedding album.

Would your bridal party be game for something like this?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Purple and Green Wedding Inspiration

A hot color trending with many of our brides this season is purple! That deep jeweled toned gorgeousness makes for a truly beautiful event. When paired with a variety of greens - simply elegant and stunning!

Here's our take on this hot color combo:
Ceremony Decor, Table Decor, Boutonniere, Shoes,
Bridesmaids, Cake, Flowers  
I love how it manages to be bold and modern, but completely romantic at the same time. And how amazing is that ceremony?! I love the two-toned aisle runner!

Are you using purple at your upcoming wedding?

Monday, May 13, 2013

Wine Bottle Guest Book

I just love it when couples take different things that tell a little bit about their love story and incorporate it into their wedding day. It just makes the whole event that much more meaningful and brings your guests in closer.

If you're a couple who's love of wine brought you together, or where wine played an important role in your history together (maybe he popped the question in a vineyard?), check this out for your guest book.

Wine Bottle Guest Book via Couture Events
I love the idea of getting a special bottle of wine and having guests sign the bottle with metallic Sharpies! You could pick a bottle from a vineyard that's important to you, your favorite label, or get something generic and  have a special label made with your names, date, and when it's to be opened.

If you're having a larger wedding, you could have several bottles for guests to pick from, maybe one for each special anniversary? You'd be reminded of all the love from your family and friends each time you opened a bottle to toast with!

Are you making wine a special element at your wedding? Tell us how!

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Kissing Menu

How do you feel about the tradition of clinking glasses to make the newlyweds kiss? Many of my couples completely hate this and even go as far as to have family members spread the word to guests not to do this at the reception.

Personally, I think it's sweet, and a tradition that's cute and fun! I'm beginning to think though that the days might be numbered for this activity with more modern couples.

Then I saw this:

Kissing Menu via Signatures by Sarah

Make your guests work for the KISS?! Genius! :) It's the best of both worlds - guests get the kisses they want, but you get amazing photo ops and memories for a lifetime! Plus, requests will be spaced out more, since the performance comes with a price. Personal favorite - The Serenade! I love the idea of a whole table belting out their favorite love song for you! (Picturing the bar scene from Top Gun here....)

You'd probably need one of these menus at each table, so all your guests will be in on the game. They can scheme together easier that way as well. You'd also want to get your DJ or Band on board with it too - they'll be able to help get guests the spotlight when they're ready to pick something off the menu.

What do you think? Is a Kissing Menu in your future? If you were a guest, would you play along? Comment and weigh in!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Teaser Video - Lauren & Jeff

Shena from Platinum Digital Video just put up Lauren & Jeff's extended teaser video and I was so excited, I had to share right away!

Their wedding was such a beautiful and loving coming together of both families. I couldn't get over how much love there was there - and I'm in the wedding business!

Lauren and Jeff's Thomas Center Wedding - Extended Teaser from Platinum Digital Video on Vimeo.

From start to finish the day was magical! Platinum Digital Video completely captured how special it was.

Check back in to see the images from Pure: Photography by Lindsey Tropf and to hear more about all their details and unique touches!

Venue: The Historic Thomas Center, Gainesville, FL
Wedding Planner: MasterPiece Weddings
Photography: Pure: Photography by Lindsey Tropf
Videography: Platinum Digital Video
Catering: Gainesville Catering
Rentals: Keith Watson Events
Flowers: Forage Farms
DJ: Brian Hiebel
Hair: Andy Palmer
Photo Booth: Phobooth
Officiants: Rabbi Gary Klein & Pastor Sharon Lewis

Friday, May 3, 2013

Let Me Drive You Home

A huge concern for a lot of our couples is making sure it's easy for their guests to stay safe and avoid drinking and driving home from their reception.

A great idea that we've used in the past is to utilize the hotel shuttle from the hotel where your block of rooms are. Many times hotels will let you reserve their shuttle to take your guests back and forth from the reception.

I saw this though and couldn't believe that I've never seen it before - what an awesome idea!!

Drive Boys via Pinterest
This couple hired two teams of guys to shuttle their guests home after partying. They worked in pairs so that one could drive the couple, while the other drove the couple's car back as well.

All guests had to do was locate one of the guys with the "Let me take you home!" shirts and they were taken care of!

It would be perfect for Gainesville brides too! We definitely have a plethora of college students looking for a little extra money around here! I would probably recommend running a driving history on them, just to cover all your bases. 

What do you think of this idea? Have you seen any other creative ways to help keep your guests safe?