Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Preserving More Than Just Your Cake Top

Everyone's heard about the tradition for newlyweds to save the top of their wedding cake and eat it together on their first anniversary. Said to bring good fortune to their marriage, this custom began in the early 19th century when wedding cakes were typically brandy soaked fruit desserts that were easily saved and preserved for later.

Today's brides have a harder time keeping their fabulously decorated and flavorful cakes fresh for an entire year. Plus, for lots of couples, the thought of eating a year old cake isn't that appealing.

I saw this post on the Offbeat Bride and instantly thought - genius! Aberrant Ornaments has come up with the perfect solution - miniaturized replicas of your wedding cake!

Aberant Ornaments
After your wedding you send them a picture of your cake and they'll sculpt this mini version for you to save forever - no freezer wrap required!

They all come with tiny hooks to use as an ornament or can all stand on their own on a shelf - perhaps by your wedding photo?

Aberant Ornaments
The sculptures are as unique your wedding and love story and will be an adorable reminder of that special day!

I feel like they'd make a great anniversary gift for a special couple down the road as well.

Would you make this your new wedding cake tradition?

Monday, November 18, 2013

"Love" Floral Vine

I fell for this sweet floral "Love" sign the instant I saw it on Polka Dot Bride!

Polka Dot Bride
I could easily picture it hung behind a ceremony or sweetheart table. It would look pretty in a garden setting as well on an old gate or gazebo!

I feel like you could manage it as a DIY project too. You could get some heavy-duty wire and bend it into the letters, then use smaller grade wire to link them together. Purchase some beautiful floral vine at a craft store and wire it on as well. Hang it with some pretty fabric or ribbon and you're done!

Would you "love" to use this at your outdoor event? ;)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Drink Escort Cards

Weddings are expensive enough - don't you want to be able to get your money's worth out of what you're already paying for?

I love this idea to take the place of traditional escort cards - put them on straws!!!

Beau Coup
Lots of couples use glassware as favors for guests, and who doesn't smile when you see a paper straw?! Put your escort cards on your favor glasses/mason jars, and you've got a two-for-one!

You won't need an extra table and set of linens for the cards themselves, and your guests will easily be able to find their way to their seats, drinks in hand!

What items are pulling double duty at your reception? Comment and tell us about your great ideas!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"Muglies" Favors

I've mentioned before that I'm an avid coffee drinker and actually collect coffee mugs. :) I love how unique mugs can be - from the tackiest tourist ones to funny ones for all occasions, I love them all! The kookier the better!

I saw this on The Offbeat Bride and HAD to talk about it with you all!!! It's "Muglies" - ugly mugs!

The Offbeat Bride
It makes a great alternative to rented glassware, or plastic, and doubles effortlessly as favors your guests can hand-select. Pair it with an adorable sign and you're in business!

The sign above reads: "Coffee Mugs as unique as the many characters inside our community of beloved friends and family. Feel free to take your 'muglie' home with you!"

You can personalize them for your event with custom stickers on the bottom, or side, displaying your names and date as well. It'd be even more wonderful for couples having a morning wedding! You could place it next to a cappuccino machine or coffee bar!

I just love this idea to pieces! How about you?

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mimosa Bar

We've been booking more and more Sunday morning weddings lately and we are loving it! It's such a great option for couples for so many reasons. Your bridal party and guests don't need to worry about taking off work if they are traveling for your event, venues are typically less expensive, and you can do really neat and unique things like brunch receptions!

I came across this awesome idea from the Wedding Chicks and thought it would be perfect as the bar for couples who are having a morning wedding! It's a Mimosa Bar!!

Wedding Chicks
In this example it's set up for a special bridal shower. Picture it on a beautifully put together bar space with fancy linens and some additional options and it's elegance itself for your wedding!

Wedding Chicks
I love how everyone can choose their own mixers for the Champagne. For couples who are trying to keep costs down, this is enough for your complete bar. You could even do a Mimosa Bar and Dessert only reception! (Maybe with this fabulous Donut Cake from our earlier post?!)

Whether it's as a special signature drink option for guests, or your main bar, we are loving this idea for weddings! What do you think about having a Mimosa Bar at yours?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Golden Ruffle Cake

Every now and then I come across something so pretty, it really needs no explanation...this cake falls in that category:

White Magazine
The beautiful white ruffles, the gorgeous gold bands, the elegant simplicity of the cake stand - completely swoon-worthy!!

What do you think? What elements will your dream cake have for your wedding?

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Glitter Fall Leaves

My absolute favorite season of the year is fall, and now even Florida is getting to experience a little bit of crisp autumn air!

These DIY leaves would be a simple, beautiful touch to any fall wedding, and they're even easy and inexpensive to make.

6th Street Design School
All you'll need for this glittery garland is artificial leaves, Elmer's glue, glitter, and ribbon.

6th Street Design School
Just paint the Elmer's glue on the leaf, sprinkle on the glitter, and shake off the excess. Punch a hole at the top, attach your ribbon, and there you have a one of a kind fall decoration to hang anywhere at your wedding! Click here for the full list of original instructions.

I would love to see these at a fall wedding, maybe on the sweetheart table or the gift table.

Where would you hang them?!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Lauren & Jeff

I am so pleased to get to share with you Lauren & Jeff's wedding images from the amazingly talented Lindsey Tropf with Pure by Lindsey Photography.

I truly don't know if I've ever coordinated a wedding that had more love present than with this wonderful couple. Love and happiness just oozed out of both of them and their families, making the entire weekend a complete joy for us.

Photographs by Pure by Lindsey Photography
Lauren got ready with her bridesmaids at the University Hilton Hotel. Her dress was a stunning, completely lace gown.

Photographs by Pure by Lindsey Photography
Their wedding took place at the beautiful Historic Thomas Center here in Gainesville FL. It was one of the few to utilize the entirety of the beautiful landscape and gardens at the location. Their ceremony was held under a majestic Oak Tree, with cocktails around the Veranda, Dinner surrounding the Fountain, and Dancing in Turtle Court.

Photographs by Pure by Lindsey Photography
Forage Farm provided the bright and vibrant flowers for the occasion. All of the flowers are grown locally right on Paynes Prairie!

Photographs by Pure by Lindsey Photography
We actually custom painted the directional signs to match the font on their invitations and programs. Another sweet detail - the lace on the ring bearer pillow was lace from Lauren's mom's wedding gown!

Photographs by Pure by Lindsey Photography
Growlers from our local Swamp Head Brewery were a huge hit with guests!

Photographs by Pure by Lindsey Photography
Lauren & Jeff's entire wedding weekend was one for the books for us and these stunning images from Pure by Lindsey Photography capture the feeling completely. It was such an honor getting to know these two and their families! Thank you guys for letting us be a part of your amazing adventure!

Congratulations again Lauren & Jeff!

If you missed our earlier post, check out their beautiful  and sentimental Teaser Video HERE by Platinum Digital Video.

Venue: The Historic Thomas Center, Gainesville, FL
Wedding Planner: MasterPiece Weddings
Photography: Pure by Lindsey Photography
Video: Platinum Digital Video
Flowers: Forage Farm
Catering & Desserts: Gainesville Catering
Rentals: Keith Watson Events
Beer: Swamp Head Brewery