Monday, March 23, 2020

COVID 19 Wedding Planning Updates

Like everyone in our community, both locally and globally, dealing with the unfolding events in the world today have been a challenge. Our hearts go out especially to couples everywhere facing the impossible decisions that now need to be made. We've been busy working with our wonderful couples this season that have made the difficult, but courageous choice to postpone their celebrations.

We want to reach out to all of you as well. We are here for you, and we'd love to help and support you as you navigate these difficult choices.

Whether you're facing a situation where you need to postpone your day and don't know where to start, or you're trying to finish up plans for a Fall date this year, or early next Spring and are struggling to get it all done, we're here to help! We can assist rescheduling vendors, give recommendations on ways to reach out to your guests, or even help you re-imagine your style from a Spring to Fall or Winter vibe. 

Maybe your wedding isn't until late 2021 or 2022 and you're just getting started? With all this extra time at home, social distancing, it's the PERFECT time to start reaching out to vendors, preparing your guest lists, and Pinterest-ing your hearts out. There's so much that's possible to accomplish virtually and over the phone. I'd love to help get your planning off on the right foot with any advice you're looking for. Vendors are excited and willing to work with you now! Don't hesitate to start reaching out and reserving your date.

On our side of things for planning and consulting, we are waiving all rescheduling fees for any couples affected by the current restrictions and recommendations. We've also begun offering alternative deposit amounts and payment plans for anyone looking to reserve a future date with us. We want to work with you to make this as easy and as stress free as it is possible to be. We have virtual and phone appointment times available for couples as well!

If you have any questions at all about our services, you can reach out to us at our Contact Page on our Website.

Let us be a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen, and a source for wedding inspiration and planning advice. It's what we do best! We've got you, we've got this, and we WILL get through this together. Stay healthy!

image by Matt Stamey Photography
PS. How awesome BTW are Bride & Groom wedding tattoos for your reception?! This is one of my favorite images ever from a wedding. :) Such a fun way to add a unique touch to your day!

PPS. We've found these posts to be wonderfully helpful from Every Last Detail. If your wedding is being affected by the virus, check them out, there's great information in them! How to Postpone a Wedding and Email Templates to Send to Guests.

Friday, March 13, 2020

Katie & Johnny

Beautiful venues, beautiful gowns, and beautiful friendship -- Katie & Johnny's December wedding pulled out all the stops at Rustic Oaks Ranch in High Springs. 

In outdoor weddings like Katie & Johnny's, the details are what make a couple's personality truly shine through. They brought out a bit of their southern flare through their very detailed cowboy boots. For extra pops of color, they chose bouquets of soft, cream and pink flowers from The Plant Shoppe Florist.

The love of bridesmaids is something special. Katie kept herself surrounded by a happy gathering of her closest gal-pals on her big day. Each bridesmaid wore their own style and shade of pink gown. We adore how it let their personalities shine. We especially love the big smile on their flower girl!

How hysterical and priceless are these photos? We absolutely loved watching this group posing and expressing their love for a good party and a good drink in this bar shoot. Fun fact: each bridesmaid had their own personalized and bedazzled bridesmaid flask for the first photo. The guys did not have bedazzled beer cans, but we think they were more in it for the fun than the flare!

Rustic Oaks Ranch offered a number of gorgeous sights for Katie & Johnny's guests to marvel at, especially when it came to the ceremony site. The ranch has multiple options for where to have the ceremony, including inside the barn and a space nestled inside a grouping of trees, and Katie & Johnny chose this rustic barn door spot for theirs. It tied perfectly in with their country look and created a sense of intimacy as they walked down the aisle.

Katie was stunning in lace! Her gown was a stunning mixture of sweetness, southern style, and intricacy. The added lace around her bouquet finished off the look and made her nothing short of a southern beauty!

Not even a 102-degree fever could keep Johnny from partying well into the night with his new bride! As you can see here, they were the center of attention at their reception, and their love lit up the barn.

Katie & Johnny, we hope you have a future full of lots of love and laughter. Enjoy this new chapter, and thank you for letting us be a part of making it happen!

Thank you to everyone who made this wedding special:

Friday, February 14, 2020

Sasha & Max

The poetic duo of Sasha and Max were married in early November at the beautiful Baughman Center. Their reception was held at The Harn Museum of Art. To greet guests as they entered the picturesque venue, they made artistic playbills like the one above.

There is no feeling quite like getting into one's dress on their wedding day. We captured these touching moments of Sasha as she felt the giddiness and emotions on her special day. There were not many dry eyes in the room as her mother helped lace up her corset!

Leading up to the Baughman Center, Sasha and Max entrusted us to create chalkboard messages to go with their Shakespearean wedding theme. We placed them along the walkway so that guests were welcomed into their whimsical storybook beginning from the moment they left their cars. 

 We absolutely adore first looks, and Sasha and Max's first look was so special. They played their own romantic music as their eyes met for the first time, leading to their hug and these sweet photos. Remember how we said there were very few dry eyes earlier? There were none at all this time!

Sasha and Max incorporated vibrant colors to add a bit of spunk into their special day. Bright teal bridesmaids dresses complimented Sasha's gorgeous violet flowers 

When having your wedding reception at an art museum, why not make some art yourselves? Sasha and Max took some gorgeous photos with their photographer that highlighted both the beauty of the The Harn Museum of Art and the beauty of their love.

Speaking of love, we loved the details they put into their wedding! Simple elegance at its finest. Not only were the place settings to die for , but the hand-made card box made their wedding stand out. Talk about adding personal touches!

Who says the guests are the only ones who can enjoy some wedding cake? Check out this photo of one of the Harn's residents getting ready to chow down on Publix's delicious creation.

We wish many years of blessings and joy to Sasha and Max as they start writing their happily ever after together! Thank you for trusting us with the first chapter!

Wedding Venue: The Baughman Center
Reception: The Harn Museum of Art

Friday, November 1, 2019

Ellie & Daniel

Weddings are always beautiful, but they truly shine when the love between the couple is evident in all that they do. That was the case for the wedding of Ellie and Daniel this October in Ocala.

Ellie had lots of fun getting ready surrounded by her bridesmaids. They all wore floral silk robes as they eagerly awaited getting dressed, with special robes for the bride and mother of the bride. When ready, Ellie's mother helped her into her flowing white gown in a sweet mother/daughter moment.

Another sweet moment came when two of the bridesmaids who were in Ellie's sorority fulfilled a sorority tradition with her. Their sorority gives its members pearls to be worn in some way on their wedding day. The two bridesmaids each sewed on the pearls to the bottom of Ellie's wedding dress. Talk about making a wedding personal!

You have heard of first looks at weddings, but have you heard of first touches? Ellie and Daniel shared a first touch and prayer by their priest outside the venue before their ceremony officially began. There were plenty of tears and laughter as the soon-to-be husband and wife reached out to one another. We absolutely loved it!

The work of a wedding planner is never done! We are here to help on your wedding day in any way possible, and sometimes, that includes helping carry your dress as you head to the ceremony. Ellie experienced this firsthand -- as did her gorgeous gown! 

Additionally, Ellie & Daniel got us for our extended planning package. This means they got six meetings and unlimited time on their wedding day from us. It is a great option for anyone who wants us to be there at all of the fun and detailed meetings along the way!

Our florist, the Graceful Gardener, truly outdid herself when she made Ellie's bridal bouquet. Not only were the flowers stunning and the perfect pop of color, but the bouquet also had a secret up its sleeve -- the toss bouquet! Wrapped in a separate ribbon, the toss bouquet sat nestled in the actual bridal bouquet to be unwrapped and used later. How genius is that? 

The reception took place at the Country Club of Ocala, a stunning venue with beautiful outdoor landscapes, a fun entry room, and a spacious, decorative ballroom. Guests were greeted first by this piece above. Florals from the Graceful Gardener mixed with pinned lace really made the wooden backdrop pop. 

Ellie and Daniel made good use of signage at their wedding. Signs were placed around the venue to add both a hint of personality and warmth to the space. We also loved the photos of themselves that sat alongside them. We always encourage couples to include bits and pieces of their love story into their decorations because it really does impact the venue space and atmosphere.

To add some variety, Ellie and Daniel chose two different centerpieces for their big day. The first was a floral arrangement filled with white and light pink flowers. The second was an assortment of floating candles surrounded by greenery. Each centerpiece was surrounded by navy blue napkins and silver chargers. Everything turned out so elegant and really filled the space in an earthy way.

Before the night's festivities, the couple took a walk through the country club's golf course for some intimate photos. The timing was perfect, as the dim lighting of sunset made the couple shine. That is the beauty of choosing a picturesque venue like this!

After a night full of dancing, it was time for the couple to head off to their new journey as husband and wife. As a special gift, they rode off in this stunning set of wheels. A trail of sparklers and their wedding guests led the way for this absolutely radiant send off!

We had the best time getting to witness the love and joy shared between Ellie, Daniel, and their families and friends. Ellie and Daniel, may you experience happiness and many blessings as you start this new chapter together. We loved helping you!

Thank you to our vendors: 

Wedding Venue: Christ The King Church (Ocala)
Reception: Country Club of Ocala
Flowers: Graceful Gardener 
Photography: Carolyn Ann Photography
Cake: Betty Cakes
Hair: Graceful Strands
Makeup: Cynthia McMillian