Saturday, July 27, 2019

Unique Bouquets - Join This Fun Wedding Trend!

Are you looking for a subtle way to let your personality shine on your big day? Why not consider spicing things up with a unique bouquet style!

We have shown you a few examples of unique bouquets in the past, most recently through Alison & Travis' wooden flower bouquet. Here are a few more ideas to attract the eye and create some flowery buzz.

These baby's breath bouquets are absolutely perfect for a winter, barn/country, or more delicate wedding theme. They add a touch of elegance that will go with almost any style of dress or bride. We love the soft beauty they bring to any look. 

Something we adore about bouquets is when they include elements outside of florals. These bouquets, perfect for winter weddings, incorporate pine cones throughout their design. Adding texture and dimension to bouquets, they are a real rustic choice that we HIGHLY recommend checking out!

These bouquets are great for spring/summer weddings. Their more wild aesthetic adds an element of fun and movement throughout the piece. It draws the eye to the bride. The subtle pops of color really make this choice stand out. 

Succulents are all the rage these days, with them popping up anywhere from coffee shops to home and garden stores. Why not have them show up in your wedding bouquet, too! We love the way this bride used them to accent her florals. A bonus of using a succulent in your bouquet is that it is less likely to wilt quickly on your big day than a traditional flower would. Definitely look into incorporating them if you can into your decor, and if you like them, check out this cool design of a bridesmaid bouquet using succulents or this other bouquet on our Instagram!

To round out our set of ideas, we want you to check out these two unique bouquet styles. While they are made up solely of flowers, these bouquets are not your traditional bunches. Assorted flowers or non-traditional flower types will draw the eyes and attentions of guests. This is where you can add a hint of personality into your bouquet, as you can choose your favorite flower or which flower types represent you the best to walk down the aisle. Also, look at all the color this option brings!

Which of these unique bouquet designs is your favorite? Do you have another style you think should be added to the list? Let us know in the comments below, and happy wedding planning!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Carolyn & Mike

When it comes to adding personal touches on weddings, Carolyn and Mike took the wedding cake. Their wedding day at Carolyn's family's house in Micanopy dazzled guests (and us!) with each reminder of their love and uniqueness.

Before the actual wedding fun began, Carolyn and Mike held a rehearsal dinner at the Wooly in Downtown Gainesville. Their friends and family gathered from near and far to see the couple and build up excitement for the following day. Good food and heartfelt speeches by the bride and groom and their family marked this night's success.

Carolyn and Mike are avid travelers. As such, they wanted their rehearsal dinner to showcase the fact to their guests. Each table was dotted with candles, a world map runner, and a photo of the couple on one of their trips. The back of each photo contained another map, documenting where exactly the photo was taken. 

Adding to the travel theme, Carolyn brought a map to the party. Guests were instructed to sign it with their name and a message to the soon-to-be newlyweds over a place they had been in the world. We were floored with how responsive people were to this! As you will see later, they loved it so much, it made an appearance at the reception, too!

We were happy to provide these cute chalkboard designs throughout the venue. Chalkboards are great ways to add something extra to a space, and when you have a theme, they are even better to get that theme across.

As the party wound down and guests headed out, they were greeted with two final chalkboard signs and something special. Remember how we mentioned guests arrived from near and far? Well, for some of them, this was their first time ever visiting Gainesville! To commemorate the fact, Carolyn and Mike brought Gainesville postcards. Each guest got to take one and remember not only their time in Gainesville, but their time with the two. Such a Pinterest-worthy idea!

Indigo & Co. Photography
Indigo & Co. Photography

Carolyn's dress was a personal favorite of ours. Brides are more and more wanting to add in touches of color to their dress and go outside of the box with their pick. Carolyn absolutely nailed it. The ombre orange in her gown reflected the vibrancy of her personality, and with a few touches from Kara, she was stunning and eye-catching.

Indigo & Co. Photography

Before the wedding, we were lucky enough to see this cute idea they had for the groomsmen. Who says the girls have to have all the cool matching items on the wedding day? These cups were specifically made for each one of Mike's men, brandishing their name and keeping them hydrated throughout the day.

Indigo & Co. Photography

Also like other brides today, Carolyn opted for a first look with Mike. They shared this sweet moment in private, exchanging a gift, hugs, and compliments. We cannot get enough of this adorable couple.

Indigo & Co. Photography

Indigo & Co. Photography

After a few finishing touches, these two made their way to one of the most interesting aspects of their family's home: the chicken coop! Talk about your chatty bunch of guests, these guys provided entertainment between the ceremony and reception with plenty of clucks and flapping of feathers. We could not get enough of Carolyn's eagerness to introduce us to them!

Indigo & Co. Photography

Indigo & Co. Photography
Indigo & Co. Photography

Indigo & Co. Photography

Their ceremony was beautiful and lauded by their guests. The sun hit just right on their mossy and green venue space, making for these stunning photos -- and the family-grown flowers -- to really shine. It was not hard seeing the love at this ceremony.

Indigo & Co. Photography

Indigo & Co. Photography

These two made it clear they were in the mood to show off their roots. As guests arrived to their reception, they were given the chance to taste the fruits of their homelands: Washington apples or Florida oranges. It was a delicious twist on a wedding favor.

Indigo & Co. Photography

Indigo & Co. Photography

A first dance and grand entrance worked up quite an appetite. The good news was, there was a delicious cake waiting! A friend of the bride made this yummy treat, decking it out with florals and, to our Floridian delight, a pair of flamingos.

Indigo & Co. Photography

Remember this brand from Twilight? You may have seen Charlie Swan drinking cans of Rainier beer in Forks, but at Carolyn and Mike's wedding, they stood as flower vases. Each table in the cocktail hour was adored with a can brought over from the groom's home of Washington. It was a surprise for him that we are sure he will not forget any time soon.

Indigo & Co. Photography

We told you it would make a comeback! By the time the map made its way to the ceremony, it was heavily decorated with places and wishes for the happy couple to always hold dear. We recommend trying out something different like the map to give your wedding a little spunk.

Indigo & Co. Photography

Indigo & Co. Photography

We were so thankful to this beautiful couple and their families for welcoming us into their home and union this past June. Their attention to detail and personal marks on the ceremony were breathtaking. We wish them nothing but the best in their future together.

Thank you to our vendors: 

Rehearsal Dinner Venue: The Wooly

Friday, July 19, 2019

Courtney & Michael

We are asked often here at MasterPiece Weddings if we do or know how to do Jewish weddings. Take a look at the beautiful wedding of Courtney and Michael, and you will see that the answer is undoubtedly: yes!

Courtney and Michael began their wedding at the Baughman Center, where they took lovely photos roaming the gardens together. On your wedding day, be sure to ask your photographer for some more intimate shots of the two of you to really capture the love from the day.

These bouquets were to die for! Their mixture of fun, vibrant colors and natural beauty added so much life and excitement to the wedding party. Joan Prange outdid herself yet again!

Our friend and make-up extraordinaire Kara Winslow made sure that not a moment went by where Courtney's make-up was not perfect. She worked through the hot Florida heat all day, providing touch-ups and additions. We were in awe of her work! We highly recommend her for your own special day.

The signing of the Ketubah is such a special and intimate moment for Jewish couples. Courtney and Michael's families gathered around as they signed theirs, officially sealing themselves together in Jewish law. We captured their signings here as they stood before their wonderful rabbi, Rabbi Jonathan Cohen.

Rabbi Cohen led Courtney and Michael's family and friends in attendance through the many stages of a Jewish wedding ceremony. Whether they were Jewish or not, he made sure that they understood what was going on and the history behind it. For us, it was a really unique way to experience a ceremony. We came out learning a lot about the Jewish faith, as well as a lot about how Courtney and Michael's journey brought them from college sweethearts to their floral-accented chuppah.

After the ceremony, guests headed over to the Florida Museum of Natural History. While they enjoyed a colorful walk through the museum's famous butterfly garden, we made sure their show-stopping piece for the night was set up: the museum's alternate reality board! Little did guests know, they would be joined by a family of wooly mammoths when they sat down for dinner. What a way to add a little excitement and personality to a wedding, right? Catch me, Rachel, and the museum rentals coordinator, Amber Tison, testing it out here!

Courtney and Michael's first dance was watched by their crowd of guests and the mammoths alike. Here, you can see the lovely detail of Courtney's dress as she swayed with Michael. We are in love with the different fabrics and layers to it. It was the perfect combination of traditional and modern.

We wish the absolute best for this couple of college sweethearts! From the dorm to the aisle, they proclaimed their love to all who saw and got to know them. We were pleased to have the opportunity to know them, and we thank them for letting us share a slice of their special day.

We are grateful to our fantastic vendors for their help:

Make-up: Kara Winslow
Flowers: Joan Prange
Photography: Nikki Rinc Photography
Caterer: Custom Caterers