Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Ceremony Programs

Ceremony programs can be a traditional, fun, imaginative, and/or informational part of any wedding. While they certainly aren't a requirement any longer at weddings, we think they can definitely be a fun touch if there's a bit of extra room in the budget. It's a great first clue to the feel and theme of your big day and a great place to make your first impression with your guests.

Traditional bi-fold programs are a quick and easy way to make programs while still remaining elegant and purposeful. This particular program twist is great for summer weddings or any wedding that expects hot weather:

Photo via Intimate Weddings
I really love the idea of having the bridal party's info in the wedding program! You can even add in a short description of who they are, how you met, etc. This way, all the guests know just who everyone in the party is. Here is one cool example:

Via Events by Kelli
Quick tip - only order a little over half the number of programs as your guest count. I know, sounds crazy, but the truth is that most couples share them, kids don't take them, and tons get left behind in seats. Save a little $$ and order less.

Personally, I love it when couples include fun facts about themselves on them for guests to read while waiting. Also, any special traditions that will be a part of your ceremony are great to add into the program with a description of the meaning behind it.

What are your thoughts on wedding programs? Will you have them? Do you like them as a guest at weddings?

Monday, June 2, 2014

Highlight Video - Erin & Nathaniel

Andrew and Meagan from Unveiling Media have done it again with another awesome highlight video, this time from Erin and Nathaniel's wedding!

Their lake-front, backyard wedding was captured so beautifully by them and we couldn't wait to share it! Full of fun Gator details, lace and pops of gorgeous peachy color - it was magic!

Malcolm Wedding Highlight from Unveiling Media on Vimeo.

We were so happy and honored to be a part of Erin and Nathaniel's wedding! Check the video out and see for yourself how beautiful their day really was!

Venue: Family Home, Gainesville, FL
Wedding Planner: MasterPiece Weddings
Photography: Ben Sasso Photography
Videography: Unveiling Media
Catering: Blue Water Bay
Rentals: Beautiful Moments
Flowers: The Plant Shoppe
DJ: Wayne's World Entertainment
Hair & Makeup: Amanda Hopcraft
Cake: KB Kakes
Officiant: Rabbi Michael Joseph

Friday, May 30, 2014

Rain on your Wedding Day

Rain on your wedding day is never ideal, but it's something that many couples have to be aware of, especially in Florida. If you are planning a wedding outside, we've got some tips, tricks, and even fun ideas to share with you in case it does end up raining on your wedding day.

Have a Backup Plan

And be realistic about it. If your ceremony and reception are planned outside, make sure that your inside backup location is large enough to accommodate all of your guests.

Be Optimistic

We know that if it rains on your wedding day, it won't be exactly what you've been dreaming of, but you should always make the best of it! The real reason you're having a wedding is to marry the person you love! Did you know that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck? It's because a wet knot is harder to untie!

via Pinterest
Be Prepared (In a fun way!)

So maybe it rained in the morning and stopped before your outdoor ceremony, but the ground is still a bit wet and mushy. So you're wondering, "how will my bridesmaids walk down the aisle and take photos in their heels?!" Maybe they don't have to! If you think it might rain on your wedding day, grab some cute wellies for yourself, the groom, and the bridal party, and give them as a gift! Bonus: get a cute picture with you and your bridesmaids in your rain-boots!

via Wedding Chicks
Plus, even if it doesn't rain, your bridal party still gets a cute, useful souvenir from your wedding day!

Make it a Photo Op!

So you've got your photo with your rain boots on, now why not use the rain to your advantage with some beautiful photos that wouldn't have been possible without the rain?

via bobbi+mike
We love the photo on the right with the reflection of the couple in the rainwater. And it wouldn't have been possible without the rain!

We've had outdoor weddings where unwelcome rain has made it's way into the day as well. Luckily, our couples took some of these tips and still had fabulous days! Check out this fantastic photo from one of our weddings last year!

via Sweet Serendipity Photography
We know you can make the best of your day even with a little rain! What do you think about these tips and tricks?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Wedding Day in the Life of a Planner

I had this idea for a series on the blog... 

Turns out we hear often (especially at bridal shows) "All my friends told me that I HAVE to get a wedding planner, so I know I wanted to come talk to you....but - what do you actually do?"

I get it - totally! The term "wedding planner," depending on the person using it, has morphed into many different meanings over the years. The good, TRUE, wedding planners out there know that to be a wedding planner, means being a confidant, time and money saver, point-of-contact person, detailed and positive for the bride and groom. I like to say we're "Command Central" for your wedding. And that's just in the months leading up to your big day. We're in three places at once day-of making sure everything is just right and that if any issues come up, they'll be solved before you ever need to know.

So I thought, once a month, I'd write a blog with a REAL timeline from one of our past weddings (names and dates changed to protect the innocent of course!), with notes filled in about what we were actually doing behind the scenes to make everything perfect for our couple of the day.

Here goes!

Installment Number One: A Vintage Wedding Morning Brunch

Ok, so of course, not every wedding has this many uncontrollable hiccups out of our fellow wedding professionals hands that needed to be dealt with and solved. We came together, pitched in with the other amazing vendors that day, and made it happen for the couple. 

Typically, the vast majority of our weddings run very smoothly, all things considered (they should - we confirm all details with everyone involved in a wedding two weeks out from the big day). I wanted to start things out with a doosie though, I am attempting to make a point, right? ;) 

The point is, our amazing couple didn't realize anything was ever wrong behind the scenes - honestly, I still don't think they ever found out. That's the point! You hire us - you get a dedicated team managing the details and you get to be truly guests at your own wedding! 

What do you think? Do you like a behind the scenes look at our weekends? Should I tackle Installment Number Two?! 


Monday, May 26, 2014

DIY Wax Paper Backdrop

I definitely love it when I see decorations at weddings that are both beautiful AND homemade. And an added bonus? Minimal supplies! This DIY wax paper backdrop has all three of those qualities!

via StyleMePretty
It might look complex, but all you need for this eye-catching backdrop is ribbon, crochet string, waxed deli sheets, a tapestry needle, and a match stick! It might take some time, but I think this project might just be worth it! So grab your girls and make s bridesmaid-bonding day out of it!

via Allie Rae Photography
Find the full directions here.

We think it'd be beautiful behind your ceremony, sweetheart table or as your photo booth backdrop!

Where would you hang this lovely DIY decor at your wedding?

Friday, May 23, 2014

Splash Zone Guest Book Art

Want an activity that's fun for your guests, and is something you can keep after the wedding as a special memory? We think this is just the thing! 

via Katelyn James Photography
I can definitely say I've never seen something like this at a wedding before! Fill up a bunch of balloons with colorful paint, attach them to a large canvas, and give guests darts to throw at and pop the balloons. After it dries, you can take it home and hang it in your home as a fun, one-of-a-kind piece of modern art!

We think these things might be self explanatory, but you never know:

Make sure to do this outside in a wide open area.
Make sure you keep it away from all other things wedding related. The ceremony, the reception, the cake, the dress...
Make sure the darts are in a safe area and out of the reach of younger children. 
Consider having some sort of barrier as a "throw from here" line so that guests don't get splashed with paint from being too close.

Would you do something like this at your outdoor wedding?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

DIY Beer Bar

This one's a do-it-yourself in more ways than one! If you and your spouse-to-be are planning on having some local or other specially picked craft beers at your wedding, or maybe you're brewing yourself, then this would be the perfect way to showcase all that deliciousness! 

via Sweet Little Photographs
How awesome is this?! All you would need to do is put together some pallets, drill some holes for the taps, and then decorate however you like! The kegs fit right behind the bar. We love the chalkboard labels for the different beers on this rustic rendition. There's your DIY contribution! Your guests'? No bartender required for this fun beer bar! 

It'd look great on a deck in your new home as well post-wedding!

via Sweet Little Photographs
We would love to see this at a wedding! Would you?!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Game Day Scoreboard

Football season's right around the corner (yay!!) and if you're getting married in the Fall in Gainesville, you're going to check the Gator's Football schedule! It's a given - the busiest day of the Fall wedding season is always the Gator's Bye-Week! Sometimes you can't get around it though... If you're getting married on a big game day, why not consider having something like this?!

via StyleMePretty
Even though we definitely don't like the score on this particular one, we love the idea! To keep guests off of their phones or hounding the DJ, have someone carry around a chalkboard with the updated score of the game. If you don't have someone to carry it around, you could put a chalkboard sign up on the DJ's table for people to check. 

What do you think? Would you and your football fan fiancé love this scoreboard at your wedding?

Oh - and GO GATORS!! :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Grooms' Cakes

For a little Friday Fun!!

We've no doubt seen many beautiful bridal cakes, and we love them! But what about the groom, and his obsession with The Avengers, or maybe Harry Potter? A groom's cake is a great way to show off his, or both, of your quirky personalities!

via theBERRY
It's no secret that the ladies of the MasterPiece Weddings' team are big Harry Potter fans. So we're also fans of this awesome Harry Potter groom's cake!

via Dream Day Cakes
How about this Xbox controller? Perfect for any gamer groom!

via Flickr
Have we mentioned that we're also huge baseball fans? Gator baseball, to be specific! 

via Pinterest
Maybe the groom just wants a delicious chocolaty cake! We love the cute tuxedo chocolate covered strawberries too!

We've definitely seen some great grooms' cakes, and wish we could share them all with you! What will your groom's cake look like?!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Gifts for the Newlyweds

It's tricky trying to find that perfect gift for the couple that already has a household together. Whether you're looking for an engagement present or something for their wedding - different ideas are hard to come by. So, we thought it would be a great idea to compile a board full of pins with fun, memorable newlywed gifts!

A few months back, our Gifts for The Newlyweds board was featured as part of Pinterest's Holiday Gift special feature!! We were so excited! Whether you're a friend of the happy couple, or a couple registering for their wedding, we definitely think you should take a look!

Here are some of our favorite ideas from the board!

via fabuloushomeblog
Perfect for the First Christmas as a Mr. and Mrs. and more fun than an ornament!

via Etsy
Frame the key to the couple's first home with the "love" page of the dictionary in the background!

via Refinery 29
A cookbook for newlyweds who love to spend time in the kitchen together!

We hope you check out our Gifts for The Newlyweds board! Do you have any other gift ideas that we should add? Let us know!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Brunch Wedding Ideas

When planning a wedding, many people think it has to be at night. Not the case! How about changing it up a little and doing an early wedding with a brunch reception? A brunch wedding is unique, offers different food choices, and is often less expensive than the traditional evening wedding! Check out some of our early-wedding favorites!

via ValSoCal

Who says skewers have to be only cheese and meat? We think fruit and doughnut holes would be a fun and tasty addition to any brunch reception.

via Pinterest

How about champagne ice cubes for a twist on mimosas?! Chances are, you won't be serving hard liquor or beer at your morning or early afternoon wedding, so mimosas are a perfect brunch treat for your guests.

Yum! How about using a tiered cake stand and stocking it with the bride and groom's favorite donuts or other breakfast favorites? Use the top tier for a small cake for the couple to cut during the reception. Complete with bride and groom donuts as toppers! 

What do you think? Have you ever thought about having a brunch style wedding?

Check out other great Brunch Wedding Ideas we've featured here: The Mimosa Bar; Donut Wedding Cake; & Denny's Wedding Chapel!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Framed Love Quote Favors

Looking for a favor idea for your wedding? We love this one!

via Wedding Chicks
Frame your favorite love quotes and let your guests choose one to take home with them. Whenever they look at it at home, they'll think back and remember your wedding! This is a great favor idea for a couple who loves quotes and sayings!

You could go thrift store shopping for the frames and print the sayings out yourself on cardstock in all your favorite fonts. Use quotes about love, inspirations, or funny movie quotes - anything goes!

We're collecting ideas - What are some of the quotes you would use?

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rehearsal Bouquets

Sometimes, maneuvering the bridal bouquet can be trickier than you would think! From holding it while linking arms, to passing it off to your Maid of Honor at the right moment, to taking it back, and so on, we think it's a great idea to have a rehearsal bouquet to practice with. We've got some ideas for you that are a little different than the traditional paper plate option.

via Offbeat Bride
A button and felt bouquet! You could buy pre-made felt flowers, or if you're feeling crafty, you could make them yourself! Use a button or two as the center for each flower. This would look adorable somewhere in your home after the wedding as well!

via Pinterest
This one has the flowers made out of the tissue paper from the bridal shower gifts! Just roll it up and then attach the ribbons for a very colorful twist on a rehearsal bouquet.

via MasterPiece Weddings
This one was one of our brides' rehearsal bouquets, and we could not get enough of how great it was! Her mom made it herself with the bows from her bridal shower gifts, and then added some fabric and burlap bows to the mix. We loved it!

via Pinterest
Don't forget the bridesmaids! Paper flowers are a simple, colorful way to have your girls practice where to hold their bouquet as they walk down the aisle. (Wedding Planner Tip - tell them to rest their arms on their hip bones. This gives them all an easy spot that's comfortable and still shows off their dresses!) 

What is your favorite of these rehearsal bouquet ideas? Do you have any others? Let us know!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Memory Lane Aisle Runner

Weddings are filled with flowers, fun, food, and dancing, but when you get down to it, a wedding is really all about the bride and groom's life together in the past, present, and future. We love when couples can find creative ways to add personal elements into their wedding day - especially to the ceremony! (after all, it's really what the whole day's about, right?) 

via Alexan Events
We think that this aisle runner is such a unique way to add that personal touch. You could start with your first date and add photos from all the special moments in your story leading up to your engagement photos and then your wedding day. It would be easy enough to make yourself by printing photos onto iron-transfer paper and using fabric markers.

Would you like to walk down this aisle?

Friday, May 2, 2014

Guest Reception Activities

We know that guests can sometimes get antsy while they're waiting at their tables. Whether they're waiting for the first dance, dinner to be served, or maybe for the dance floor to open, it's always nice for them to have something to do.  Having fun activities at their seats can be a great way to keep them happy, entertained and share a little more about what makes your love story so special! Most of these ideas can be turned into really unique guest books after the wedding as well - double-duty awesomeness!!

via Style Me Pretty
A cheat sheet! "5 Things Her Side Should Know About Him" and "5 Things His Side Should Know About Her." This would be a cute, easy way, to not only keep guests entertained, but also to let everyone get to know the couple a little better. There's no need to put one at each place setting either - stand them up like your table numbers and save money on printing!

via Etsy
We think this "Wishes for the Happy Couple" activity would be great in so many ways. It's an interactive activity that the bride and groom can look at after the wedding and keep as a personalized memory.

via Pinterest
Absolutely loving this idea! Put Popsicle Sticks, Sharpies, and a Mason Jar on each table. Have the guests write a fun date idea on one side, sign their name on the other, and drop the stick into the jar. A fun table activity that the couple can use time and again after the wedding!

These are just a few creative guest activity ideas for your reception! Do you have any fun ideas to add?

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Creative Save-the-Dates

Hi everyone! We're back! We've been completely consumed by Spring Wedding Season around here and our blogging has fallen behind.....BUT - we can't wait to pick right up where we left off! We have such a great time blogging about the fun, unique and memorable ideas we come across and are over-the-moon when you comment and share your experiences too! Keep them coming! :)

First up: FUN Save-the-Dates!

Save-the-Dates are a great way to get your guests to remember that your wedding is coming up. Why not do something different to make your date stick in their head, and get them even more pumped for your big day?! We just can't get enough of these unique save-the-date ideas!

Please Inflate and Save the Date

via Weddings Illustrated
Isn't this just so cool?! Not only is it an interactive save-the-date idea, but you could even incorporate balloons into the decor on your big day as well!

Don't Forget to Pencil Us In!

via Etsy
This one is so unique, yet so simple! (And gives the guests no excuse to not write down the date right then and there!)

Photobooth Fun

via Pinterest
Who doesn't love a good photobooth? What a great way to capture your personalities for such a fun save-the-date! Then, have a fun photo booth at your wedding too!

Do you have any other creative save-the-date ideas? We would love to hear about them!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Guest Buttons & Escort Cards

I came across this idea for your wedding guests and literally laughed out loud! I love it - personalized buttons for each guest, complete with a cute description or fun fact!

via Style Me Pretty
Quite the undertaking with a big guest count, but if you're having a more intimate affair, it'd be completely doable!

Talk about a way for your guests to get to know one and other - It's a perfect icebreaker. Plus, I feel like it's a great, tongue-in-cheek, but meaningful way to show guests that they are special to you and you're happy they came.

Attach a little tag to the back pin with their table number and you're set for escort cards as well!

What do you think? Could you think of a fun tagline for each of your attendees? Challenge accepted!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Patterned Bridesmaid Dresses

There are so many different options for your ladies these days! Way beyond the standard taffeta, solid colors and big bows - brides are branching out all over the place!

I'm sure you've seen the ombre' effect for your maids, and you've definitely seen the different dresses each in the same shades. Have you considered patterns though?!

via Style Me Pretty
I am loving these stripes! (especially with the pops of color on the shoes!!) It's super elegant with a twist!

via That Weird Fashion Girl
Isn't this floral gown stunning?! I kinda feel like a bouquet would be overkill here...she would look beautiful walking down the aisle with a gorgeous clutch (as pictured) or maybe with a candle or pretty lantern? Or for an outdoor ceremony - a parasol?!

via The Polka Dot Bride
The bride herself jumped on the pattern train here! That's right - the bride is the one in the floral gown with her ladies in solid complimentary colors - how different and special!

We've been in love with nontraditional bridesmaid dresses for awhile now...check out these stylish polka dot ladies post too!

Weigh in - are your girls wearing solid colors or a patterned gown?

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

City Map Seating Chart

My favorite weddings are the ones that incorporate special touches about the couple and what makes their love story unique. I love it when guests get to learn more about the bride & groom! Whether it's as simple as some childhood pictures, a sign with their love story, or table names with meaningful things on them, all of these details make the day that much more intimate.

I saw this and thought it was a really neat way to add that personal touch every wedding needs!

via Bridal Musings
This couple used a city map as their seating chart for guests! Each table was named after a different location in Paris and guests found their names and found their seats. You could use your home town, the city you met, where you got engaged....the possibilities abound!

Speaking from my Gator side - I think doing this with a map of the University of Florida campus would be Gatortastic! You could use your dorms, classes you had together, special campus, right? (Obviously I'm biased here, but any college would be special and really unique!)

One of my rules is that you should always alphabetize your seating charts and escort cards - it's just immensely easier for your guests. I love this idea so much though, I'm willing to break the rule here (What's a rule without that exception, right?). If your guest count is on the smaller side, you'll be set. If you have a bit of a larger wedding planned, think about electing a special person (or wedding planner!) that has an alphabetized list to assist guests standing nearby.

How are your guests finding their seats?

Monday, February 3, 2014

Paper Cut Boutonniere

Not everyone loves the look of traditional boutonnieres. Maybe you're looking for something a little more on the modern side for those special guys in your wedding?

I came across this picture and thought it was such a different and fun idea!

via Brooklyn Bride
It's still romantic and whimsical (as all good boutonnieres should be), but it's sleek and modern with a fun twist at the same time!

Literally, ANY color, pattern, texture is open to you. I'd use the heaviest card stock that I could find to help it keep its shape throughout the day (and all those hugs). You can pick any flower silhouette you like.

Plus it's light! If your groomsmen will be rocking the suspenders or vest only look (or maybe even just a dress shirt and tie?) you'll need boutonnieres that are as light weight as possible. Traditional boutonnieres just are typically too heavy to stay upright without using a bunch of pins, which gets uncomfortable.  This would be the perfect solution!

For the full list of instructions, as well as a downloadable template, check out Brooklyn Bride.

She used a craft cutter to help keep the lines cleaner. While she doesn't specify how it's pinned on, I think any pin backing from your local craft store would be fine with some light glue at the biggest point of the flower.

Tell us what you think! Would you create these for your wedding?

Friday, January 3, 2014

Top-Secret Ceremony Programs

So, I thought this was the perfect follow-up to Allison and Shivan's Superhero Wedding on Monday - Decoder Top-Secret Ceremony Programs!

via The Offbeat Bride
The programs were in folders stamped "Top-Secret" and came with special decoder glasses for guests! How crazy fun is that?!

You know how much I love the unique take on a tradition! What do you think?