Friday, August 30, 2013

Bridal Cardigans

This cozy trend has popped up on me a couple of times now, and I keep falling in love with it - Bridal Cardigans!! I just adore how they add a perfect touch of personality to any bridal look.

I'm a Fall type of girl, and smile big when the temperatures begin to dip lower. If you're getting married this time of year though, your stunning - completely gorgeous - strapless gown might leave you wishing for sleeves at some point during the festivities.  Why not reach for something like this?

Vintage Bridal Cardigan via Want That Wedding
Complete Vintage amazingness, right?!

You can tailor the trend to any season too! It's the perfect accessory!

Fall Bridal Cardigan via Wedding Chicks
Winter Bridal Cardigan via Ruffled
Spring Bridal Cardigan via Wedding Chicks
You can wear it all day long, add it to your look during a photo-op, or as a quick update for your reception. They make such a fun touch - you can get your bridal party in on the action too!

Bridesmaid Cardigans via Lovely Girls
Isn't it lovely how they can still all be dressed the same for formal pictures and the ceremony and then add on the cardies for a whimsical touch? It's the best of both worlds!

And adorable on your littlest attendants too!

Flower Girl Cardigan via Wedding Chicks
Bridal Cardigans are a fashionable, unique and warm touch to any wedding look - I'm sold on this popular trend! How about you?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Pinterest Worthy Wedding

via The Bridal Closet
Because, really - if you're planning a wedding, who isn't addicted to Pinterest?!?!

Seriously though, Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration! It's a great place to find ideas, DIY tips, color inspiration, and more. Personally, I should probably find some sort of self-help group....possibly...yeah, definitely...

I have had quite a few brides recently though who've said "I don't want a 'Pinterest' wedding!"

I do think one of the downfalls of it is that the "personal DIY" touches that you 'pin' and swoon over become so much less unique when you look and see they've been re-pinned 689 times.

A way to combat this and have the best of both worlds is to use Pinterest to get your ideas together. Gather your thoughts, colors, look and feel that you're going for and then hire professionals that have that aesthetic you've been drawn to in all your pins.   Be honest with them about what you both like and dislike, and then give them the trust and freedom to do the amazing job you hired them for. Your wedding will end up being so much more unique and completely you than if you took 100 pins and tried to duplicate them exactly.

Regardless though, we still love Pinterest and all the fantastic ideas we find there! Do you too?

Friday, August 23, 2013

Football Garter Toss

Following up on Monday's football-inspired post, I loved this idea I came across recently!

Football Garter Toss via A Day to Remember
It's a Football Garter Toss!! If your groom's counting down the days to kick-off (like me!), this might be a fun detail to incorporate into your big day! And let's face it - sometimes it's tough to get those single guys out on the floor to catch the garter. But a Football Garter, no problem!

Football Garter Toss via Southern Weddings
The ball reads: "Nice Catch - You're Next!"

He could hike it or go long for a pass - heck, he and the groomsmen could even run a play! Let your man live out his all-star quarterback fantasies! And instead of the typical "Mission Impossible" song, how about the theme to Monday Night Football?!

Football Garter Toss via Pinterest
Have you seen any other non-traditional garter or bouquet toss ideas? Comment and share!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Save the Date Reveal Engagement Party

Everyone's heard about the new fun trend of Gender Reveal Parties to let family and friends know if it's a boy or a girl when you're expecting - but how about a Save-the-Date Reveal Party?!?!

I came across this photo shoot on Grey Likes Weddings and LOVED it!

Save the Date Reveal Party via Grey Likes Weddings
It's such a fun twist on the standard engagement party and perfect if your wedding will be more intimate with lots of local family and friends.

Invitation and Place Setting via Grey Likes Weddings
I love all the bright colors they used with the quirky and retro style!

Your date can be everywhere - from banner signs, to printed on Save-the-Date coaster favors, guests will love being a part of the big announcement!

Save the Date Party via Grey Likes Weddings
Afterwards, use a cute shot of you both and the date to make postcards to send to anyone who wasn't able to attend.

I think this is such a fun idea and great way to get the celebration started! How about you?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Wedding Towel

Ok, you guys all know about my undying love for the Florida Gators - but...I'm also a die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers Fan as well! (the enormity of our family's football obsession is a blog post for another day...)

Needless to say, the Steelers are playing their first Monday Night Football game against the Redskins TONIGHT!

I saw this and had to share it for a little fun to start the week off right!

The Terrible Wedding Towel via The Knot
It's a Terrible Wedding Towel!!! I would get married all over again (to the same wonderful man, of course) just to have these at the wedding! The couple had them personalized with their names and wedding date. Apparently, you can get them customized and shipped directly from Pittsburgh!

UPDATE: You can custom order them from here!

The Terrible Wedding Towel Reception via Marilyn's Keepsakes
They make a fantastic wedding favor for your guests and such a great photo op all rolled into one!

Terrible Towel Ceremony via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
I love the idea of having them at your Ceremony to wave after your first kiss. If you pin a little note to them, they could double as Escort Cards too. Give guests the heads-up to bring them into the reception and you'll be able to enter in true Steelers' fashion!

Whether you're a Steelers fan or not, always try to include elements into your big day that tell your guests more about your unique love story. I'm not talking DIY projects either (although those are great too!). It could be in the menu you choose, a fun groom's cake, customized table names, or even silly favors. Put some of you two into the details and it will make your wedding so much more memorable for your guests!

Go Steelers!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School Teacher Wedding Ideas

via Pinterest
In honor of all the fabulous teachers getting ready to begin enlightening young minds again (you all are amazing!), I thought a few school inspired wedding ideas were in order!

Are one, or both, of you teachers and looking to incorporate that into your wedding? Or maybe you're high school sweethearts and want to give a nod to that special aspect of your relationship?

Check out these ideas:

Wedding Pop Quiz via Pinterest
How about a Wedding Pop Quiz for your guests instead of Ceremony Programs? Wouldn't it be fun to see how much your guests really know you? Remember to have a "Grading Pile" collection spot for them after the ceremony as well!

Wedding Pencil Favors via The Frosted Petticoat
I love how these Pencil Favors are personalized!! They would look adorable in little pencil caddies with a note card for escort cards as well.

Pass a Note Guest Book via Greer Loves
Instead of a traditional Guest Book, have your guests pass you notes! This couple printed old school photos on them for that extra "school days" touch. Love it!

Wedding School Bus via Gathering Moss
Why have the traditional limo? Go all out with a rented School Bus for you and your bridal party!

I hope these ideas help you get to "the Head of the Class" for your wedding! (ha, ha - I know, but I couldn't help myself!)

Do you have a special profession or hobby you're adding into your wedding? We'd love to hear about it!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Cake Week: Bunt Cake

I thought that this was a fun, and delightfully updated, end to Cake Week - The Wedding Bunt Cake!!

via Martha Stewart
Completely adorable, right?

This couple wanted something out of the box, and not being fondant or buttercream fans, opted for multiple bunt cakes instead!

I love how they arranged them on the tiered stand! It provides the feel of a traditional wedding cake, while still being perfectly whimsical and non-traditional. There's so many amazing flavor combinations too - the possibilities are endless!

How did you like our week-long tribute to cakes? Is there anything you'd like us to focus on next?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cake Week: Ombre' Naked Cake

Continuing with our week-long cake obsession.... Have you heard of the "Naked Cake?!"

via Style Me Pretty
The Naked Cake is a tiered cake without frosting or fondant; making it perfect for those couples who love cake but aren't fondant fans. It's usually embellished with flowers, berries, cake toppers - you name it! I've been coming across them all over the place lately, but this was the first time I'd seen it colored!

Isn't the ombre' effect gorgeous here?!

via Style Me Pretty
I love, love, love how they mimicked the effect in the backdrop too!

What do you think of going naked for your wedding? (in cake that is...;) )

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cake Week: The Couture Cake

Wedding cakes have come a long way lately! Remember the days with massive cakes complete with staircases, rows of plastic bridal attendants, and shimmering swans? (I may be showing my age here!) Those days seem to thankfully be gone, and the days are here now where almost anything goes!

From traditional tiers to fondant, cupcakes, pies, and dessert tables galore - all are yummy and can say a lot to your guests about what you guys like as a couple.

Your cake can also be a major centerpiece/decor element at your reception, so it makes sense that it's one of the bigger planning decisions you'll consider. Plus, who doesn't like to go cake tasting?!?!

We thought it'd be fun to devote a week to new twists we've seen on the great cake debate lately!

First up - A Couture Wedding Cake! We saw this on The Bridal Closet and thought that using an accessory from your bridal gown as inspiration was amazing!

via The Bridal Closet
Don't you love her beaded belt? The cake designer used that as the inspiration for the cake's details.
via The Bridal Closet
Check out the finished product!

via The Bridal Closet
Pretty, right? It's simple, personal, and completely unique!

What do you think about using your dress in your wedding cake design?

Friday, August 2, 2013

Wedding Perspective

via Planning Forever Events

This is completely true and so often overlooked! When I saw this on Planning Forever Events, I had to re-post!

One of the first things I talk about with my couples in our initial meeting together is remembering to breathe!

Planning your wedding should be fun! - no REALLY....I mean it! You don't have to get bogged down in all the minutia of tiny details.  Remember to step back and look at the big picture:

At the end of this crazy adventure, you'll be married to your best friend!

That's the most important thing to focus on when napkin color choices are driving you nutty. Remember to set priorities, support each other, and delegate to family and friends who offer.

There's no such thing as "the perfect wedding." Little issues always arise throughout the day, even with the best laid plans. Remembering the big picture helps you keep that perspective and realize that in the end, those little "mistakes" helped make your wedding unique, and that much more memorable.

We're here to help too! If all the plans are getting overwhelming, or if you just want to make sure you both can be guests of honor on your day, we're here to relieve the stress and make that happen. Let us worry about all those details for you! It's our job and what we love to do!

Above all, remember to enjoy this special (and brief) time in your relationship - and have fun with it!

Happy Friday everyone!