Monday, September 30, 2013

Unity Glass Ceremony

Many of my couples lately want to do a unity ritual during their ceremony, but want something different than candles or sand. I've come across some really neat ideas lately and thought I'd share.

First one up - A Unity Glass Ceremony!

Unity In Glass
So here's how it works:

Unity in Glass is a company that will create stunning, one-of-a-kind art sculptures from glass pieces that you blend together during your ceremony.

Unity In Glass Ceremony
The different colors come in separate packets shipped to you. You both mix them together (similar to a sand ceremony) then shipped the mixed colors back to them where they hand blow the glass into sculptures, bowls, heart weights, or even ornaments!

Unity In Glass
Unity In Glass
I love how individual each piece becomes and how it creates a lasting piece of art that you'll be able to display. On their website they talk about using some of your leftover pieces to create ornaments for parent gifts - how special is that?!

I've talked with some couples who have children they'd like to include at their ceremony as well. I think something like this is perfect. Each family member could have their own color and then when blown, all the colors meld together permanently and beautifully. You could have the keepsake ornament created for each child as a special gift after the wedding.

Thanks to Offbeat Bride for pinning such a cool idea!

What do you think - would you have a Unity Glass Ceremony?

Friday, September 27, 2013


I know I've been missing in action this past week - SO sorry about that! But I promise we've been working really hard around here on a major update that we couldn't be more excited about!

We'll be rolling out a BRAND NEW WEBSITE in the next couple of weeks!

Yay!!! :) The more we design, the more I cannot wait to show you! I'm literally bursting over here!

In the meantime....I thought these gorgeous brides of ours can say it all for us!

Pure By Lindsey Photography
Rob Witzel Photography
Footstone Photography
Russell Martin Photography
Kristin Kozelsky Photography

Much love and thanks to all of our amazing local photographers who took such beautiful images of our lovely brides!

Stay tuned for all the awesomeness to come at MasterPiece

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wedding Apple Cider Bar

Nothing brings to mind Autumn like the cinnamonly sweet, tartly goodness of warm Apple Cider!

Check out this Autumn-tastic way to create an Apple Cider Bar at your Fall Wedding:

Apple Cider Bar via Wedding Chicks
Fantastic, right?! The cinnamon stick drink stirrers are perfect for something like this. You could even set up two dispensers - one alcoholic and one non-alcoholic.

And the milk and donuts side?? - Mmmm!

Would you do this at your event?

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monogram Pumpkin

I have a bit of a pumpkin obsession...seriously, they are everywhere at my house! My boys actually paint me ceramic pumpkins every year as special Fall keepsakes. We've got quite the family painted pumpkin patch going!

Anyways, I digress....

I saw THIS painted pumpkin and thought - perfect for a classy Autumn Wedding!!

Monogram Pumpkin via The Butlers
It's just so elegant and pops beautifully against the bright orange and gold!

Turns out, it's an easy DIY project too! Click here for the full list of instructions. 

All you need is a pumpkin (real or fake), creme spray paint and painters tape (to tape off the stem), and black (or color of your wedding) for the monogram. She used transfer paper to trace the letter onto the pumpkin and then filled it in with the accent paint color.

There's so many places this would be gorgeous placed at a wedding - in front of a sweetheart table, by your ceremony programs, with your escort cards or favors...the list goes on! 

Where would you put it at your wedding?

Friday, September 13, 2013

Tag Our Tees Contest - They're HERE!

You submitted ideas, then voted for your favorite - and we LOVE the results!!!

Photo by Footstone Photography
MasterPiece Weddings: A Work of Heart came in as the run-away winner and we couldn't be more thrilled!

Our MasterPiece Weddings Team
Photo by Footstone Photography
Check us out! :) We've had the best time in the shirts already. We got to wear them last weekend for our first wedding of the Fall. First one down, and a full Fall Wedding Season to go! We can't wait!!

Photo by Footstone Photography
Thank you again to all who entered and voted in the contest! A big thank you too to Alma Mater Custom Apparel who made designing, ordering, and printing the shirts such a great experience!

And a HUGE thank you to Footstone Photography for these fun images of our new shirts!! We love you guys!

Do you love the tees as much as we do?!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath

Have I said it enough? Fall is my absolutely FAVORITE time of the year. My husband and I actually got married in the Fall because I wanted all the gloriously colored leaves in my wedding decor and bouquets.

I saw this amazing DIY Monogram Wreath Tutorial on Two Twenty-One and knew it would be great for any crafty Fall Bride out there!

DIY Fall Monogram Wreath via Two Twenty-One
For this project you'll need:

Paper-Mache Letter
Faux Fall Leaves
Styrofoam Sheet
Moss Sheet
Burlap Garland
Fishing Line
Hot Glue Gun

Materials via Two Twenty-One
Start by gluing the leaves onto the letter, layering them on. Then cut out your Styrofoam Sheet into a frame and glue it together if necessary. You'll then be able to Hot Glue the Moss onto the frame. Next, hang your letter with the Fishing Line from the frame, making sure to center it. Wrap a burlap hanger and bow to the top and secure it with the wire and some glue. You're done!

Click here for the complete step-by-step instructions.

Isn't it lovely?!

DIY Monogram Fall Wreath via Two Twenty-One
It would be beautiful above a sweetheart table at your reception or hanging on either side of your ceremony. You could make the frame bigger and create your monogram in the center as well!

I love this DIY project! It can be done way in advance and creates a great visual impact for all your effort!

How about you?

Monday, September 9, 2013

Verve Studio Underwater Sessions!

Wow! Check out this amazing opportunity with Verve Studio coming up this month!

Verve Studio
I love how magical they are! They would be stunning for a "Trash the Dress" session!

Don't you agree?!

Krystal and Matt from Verve Studio are simply two of our favorites to work with and capture such amazing images at Weddings! We love them to pieces! :)

Hurry up and book your session!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

A Starry Night Wedding Cake

I just can't get the cake from Wednesday's Starry Night Inspiration Board out of my mind! It's one of those images I've had pinned forever on my Pinterest Board and just pause and smile at it every time I scroll past.

So, for anyone who wanted a closer look:

Starry Night Cake via Style Me Pretty
Isn't it gorgeous how the cake designer mimicked the brush strokes from the painting? And, I adore the use of the suitcase instead of a traditional cake stand!

This would be a stunning cake even without the attached Starry Night theme. Check out how they used the color palate in their photo shoot:

Tablescape via Style Me Pretty
 The colored glass and deep blue rim on the plates is just fabulous!

What do you think? Are you "starry-eyed" over this too? :)

Happy Friday everyone!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Starry Night Wedding Inspiration

One of my favorite paintings has always been Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh:

Starry Night via WikiPaintings
I just go dreamy eyed over all the jeweled-toned blues and golds! I've long since thought that it would be a beautiful color palate for a weddings, so......

Unity Painting, Earrings, Tablescape, Star Lights, Straws, Invitation,
Shoes, Cake, Floating Lanterns, Bouquets, Painted Votive Favors
Do you love the combination of colors as much as I do? These colors lend themselves perfectly for a Fall Wedding that's not traditionally "Fall/Autumn" themed. They have such a richness to them that's perfect for this time of year!

I think a great idea in this case would be to incorporate elements of painting itself. The Votive Favors are hand painted, and I'm still crazy for the idea of a Painted United Canvas for a ceremony.

Are you basing your colors, or theme, for you wedding on anything in particular?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Fun Bridal Party Photos

Do you have a fun, up-for-anything, group for your wedding party? If so, and you're looking for a new twist for photos with them, check out these great shots we came across and loved!

Bridesmaids Photo via Bridal Guide
This shot has everything in it - all your maids, pretty bouquets, and a gorgeous bride to top it off! Isn't it perfect how the mirror frames her in the center?

Bridal Party Photo via Colin Cowie Weddings
Ok, so obviously you'd need a location that had floors of balconies, but isn't it sweet?!

Bridal Party Photo via Urban Style
This one's super silly and awesome! I think it's fantastic how everyone's personalities shine here!

Which one's your favorite?