Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A "Back to the Future" Wedding - Revisited!

It's Back to the Future Day!! You know, the day that Marty and Doc Brown travel forward into the future - October 21, 2015.

I couldn't resist revisiting my old Back to the Future Wedding Inspiration Board and updating it with some new ideas. I still think that it would be one of the most "far out" and totally awesome wedding themes ever!

Here's the inspiration board that started it all:

Customized 80's Mix Clock CD's as favors, Bridesmaids decked out in 50's gorgeousness, and the Delorean Bridal Car = Back to the Future wedding magic! For the original blog post with ideas for photo booths, tables names, ring bearer signs and more, check it out here.

Here's some new ideas to add:

How about a "Save the Date" that's spot on?
via The Knot
 Or this seriously fantastic cake:

via Pinterest
I know what you're thinking - "This is Heavy..." ;)

Don't worry, just remember that you're each other's "Density" and you'll make a future that's your own and wonderful!

I'd like to respectfully customize the iconic Doc Brown's words of wisdom, if I may....

Your wedding hasn't been planned yet. No one has your love story. Your wedding is whatever you make it. So make it a good one.

Now, go marathon all three movies (so I'm not the only one) and have a very Happy Back to the Future Day!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Round-Up of Deliciously Pun-tastic Edible Wedding Favors

It's been a fun week sharing some of the most unique and fresh ideas for wedding favors! I couldn't resist wrapping it up with a trio of simply Pun-tastic Edible Favors!

"Thanks for 'Popping' By!"

via Brit+Co
I just love these! So affordable and adorable! You could up-cycle baby food jars or get mini mason jars. Any kind of butcher block or card-stock paper would work great.

They'd be perfect for a movie themed affair or if you're having a popcorn bar during cocktails or the reception.

"It's BEAN so special having you join us!"

via My Wedding
These are so colorful and fun! Get them in Bride and Groom flavors or a mix of deliciousness. You could even do a mini jellybean bar with jars of all different flavors in your color scheme using pre-printed bags with the pun on them.

"We go together like Salt & Pepper"

via Something Turquoise
Who doesn't need a little salt & pepper to spice things up? These little mason jars shakers are filled with pre-mixed Salt & Pepper for the perfect take home treat for your guests. The full DIY instructions are HERE.

Recipe Book Favor!!!

via Offbeat Bride
Ok, I know this isn't technically a pun, but it was such an awesome food related favor, I had to include it in the round-up. This Offbeat Bride couple served all different kinds of pie instead of cake and made these adorable booklets with all the recipes for their guests to bring home. You can't get more personal or from the heart than that! 

You could use recipes that were used at your wedding, or make a favorites collection from the Bride and Groom, or even do cards of your signature cocktails. It's so versatile and customizable, my head is spinning with possibilities!

Happy Friday! We hope your weekend is as delicious as these favors. :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Late Night Snack Wedding Favors

Are you planning an all night, totally awesome, raising the roof kind of wedding? If so, your guests are going to need some extra sustenance to keep them out on the dance floor or to make them happy on their way home after an unforgettable evening.

Are these Late Night Snack ideas delicious, or what?!

via Style Me Pretty
What a cute treat for your guests! The packaging is perfect and simple to put together, plus easy for guests to just grab and go. You could personalize it even more with a special treat that's a favorite of the bride and groom.

via Style Unveiled
I mean, come on! How adorable are "What-a-Night" Whatabuger treats?! They make the perfect late night snacks for guests with tired feet!

What would you be craving as a guest as a midnight snack? Are you planning on something like this for your guests? Comment and tell us about it!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Coffee Wedding Favors

I, admittedly, am a coffee enthusiast. I love everything to do with it from the taste, to the homey-warmth, to the plethora of cup options (I actually have a personal coffee cup collection). I know I'm not alone in my obsession though - and because of this, coffee makes an awesome wedding favor!

It's something that your guests will definitely brew and enjoy later, whether it's the next morning while recovering from all the fun, or a month from the big day with fond memories.

I literally went "OOOOOHHH!" when I saw this coffee favor idea on Emmaline Bride. It's combination coffee cups with coffee grounds!

via Emmaline Bride
The mugs are adorable and such a usable favor! It's such a great idea to pair them with personalized coffee grounds as well. We've talked about the idea of having coffee mug favors before with "Muglies" - check it out on our blog here! So much fun!

I love this take on coffee ground favors too:

via Brides
It personalizes it so much more by just picking a "his" and "hers" flavor. Super easy and super cute!

If you're looking for some more fabulous coffee wedding ideas, check out our "Good to the Last Drop" post!

Are you a coffee lover too? Will it play a part in your big day?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fun Door Hanger for Guests

For a little Friday Fun, I LOVE this for your out-of-town guest bags!

via Style Unveiled
What great addition to their hotel bags! Especially if the majority of your guests are staying in the same hotel, it would be so much fun to see all the tags hanging on doors!

They'd be easy to print and make yourself too - some pretty card-stock, printer, and scissors and you're in business.

Guest Hotel Bags are a great way to add lots of personalized detail and meaningful touches to your wedding. It doesn't take much to make them memorable either. Fill them with your favorite candy or late night snack with a little tag explaining the meaning: "The Bride's Favorite Guilty Pleasure" or "The Groom loves (insert treat) almost as much as he loves his Bride!"

It's always a great idea to include a map or list of fun attractions in the area. Directions to the different venues are a must as well.

What ever you choose though, your guests will know that you are really touched that they made the trip.

This entire wedding was full of fun ideas and totally coordinated in theme and style! Check out the entire blog post at Style Unveiled.

Do you have any unique ideas for your guest bags? Share with us! We'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chalkboard Wedding Cake

Chalkboards are all the rage now in weddings and for great reason! They're so versatile - great for signs, menus, table numbers, photo booths, you name it!

This is a new one though - Chalkboard Wedding Cakes!

via MODWedding
So cool, right? If you're having chalkboards scattered throughout your big day, this would be the icing on the cake! (he, he, he!)

via Emmaline Bride
I love that they're black too, which is really unique. It would make them stand out as a true show-stopper.

via MODWedding
What do you think? Are Chalkboard Wedding Cakes for you or do you like the more traditional?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Ring Bearer Sign

We've seen our share of adorable, handsome and totally charismatic little men in the making! Ring Bearers are such a cute addition to any bridal party, but they don't only need to carry a ring pillow!

Signs are a great alternative to the old tradition, but we thought this one was simply too fantastic for words!

via Brides
 If your little fella is a total charmer, this is perfect!

On a more realistic note - I love how they made the sign too. To me, it appears that they took an extra large Popsicle stick or paint stirrer, painted it and glued some pretty card-stock to it. It's not too big and looks very light.

Believe it or not, that's an important aspect for your littlest attendants. Some of the wooden and big fabric signs get really heavy and/or awkward for them, especially down a longer aisle. Having something that's easy to hold will make things easier and smoother for them. That's especially important if they are on the younger side.

Are you having a Ring Bearer in your wedding? What will they be carrying down the aisle?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Marlyn & James

I'm excited to share these beautiful images from Marlyn and James' wedding day last May! We had the privilege of working with a wonderful team of vendors and loved every minute!

There was BLING everywhere for their big day and some really fun personal details!

Getting to work with Jamie and Jenna at Sweet Serendipity Photography is always a treat! Wait until you see how these photos gorgeously capture the whole day and special moments! Thank you so much Jamie for sharing!
Images by Sweet Serendipity Photography
Remember how I said it was Bling-tastic, right?! :)

Images by Sweet Serendipity Photography
Didn't Marlyn make a breathtaking bride? Her bouquet was created by The Plant Shoppe Florist and was simply stunning! It was full of all these lovely textures and complimented her dress perfectly. 

Images by Sweet Serendipity Photography
The ceremony was held on campus at the fabulous Baughman Center. Overlooking Lake Alice, you simply cannot find a more architecturally beautiful spot in Gainesville. 

Images by Sweet Serendipity Photography
They're married!! 

Images by Sweet Serendipity Photography
The reception was held at the wonderful Florida Museum of Natural History. We love it when we get to work there - it's such a totally unique venue for an event! Where else does a Mammoth get to hang out at your reception? 

They had a great time playing-up the science aspect with flowers and shots in test tubes! The Plant Shoppe did a great job incorporating them into their fantastic centerpieces and Celebrations Catering kept the drinks flowing and the party going with awesome food and service!

Images by Sweet Serendipity Photography
We loved their guest book! It was a Jenga game that all the guests signed. We love that every time they'll play together, they'll see all the love from family and friends.

Images by Sweet Serendipity Photography
Congratulations again, Marlyn and James! We were so honored to be a part of your day and wish you many years of happiness together!

Images by Sweet Serendipity Photography
Getting Ready Venue: Hilton Garden Inn
Ceremony Venue: The Baughman Center
Reception Venue:  The Florida Museum of Natural History
Wedding Planner: MasterPiece Weddings
Photography: Sweet Serendipity Photography
Catering: Celebrations Catering
Flowers: The Plant Shoppe
DJ: G-nys Entertainment
Make-Up and Hair: Michele Renee Studio
Officiant: David Nicholson

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Erin & Gus

It's time to catch up on sharing some truly beautiful weddings we've had the honor of coordinating last year! I know, I know! I totally fell behind! Between shoulder surgery, three crazy wonderful boys and so many fantastic couples last year (including my own baby sister and her new hubby!), blogging got a little behind.....BUT, (New Year's Resolution Time) I'm making up for it now! :)

First up: Erin and Gus!

Erin & Gus's April wedding was one full of smiles, laughter, and love! One of my favorite things about a wedding is a happy bride, and Erin's pure happiness showed on her face all day.

We were so lucky to have a wonderful team to work with as well! These stunning images are from the fabulous Krystal Radlinski at Verve Studio!

Images by Verve Studio
Doesn't Erin look like a movie star?! Her hair was done by the fabulous Graceful Strands and make-up by the uber-talented Kara Winslow - seriously, my dream team!!

Her flowers were gorgeous too! The Plant Shoppe arranged all the bouquets and centerpieces in beautiful whites and green! Erin wanted something classic and very elegant, but modern enough to fit the Florida Museum of Natural History venue.

Images by Verve Studio
Wedding Planner Tip: See that crochet hook in my hand in the picture above with the buttons? It's the perfect tool for buttoning up long rows of buttons on a gown! Saves so much time and sore finger nails!

Since the reception was at the museum, we went there to use their beautiful gardens for Erin and Gus's first look. 

Images by Verve Studio
Then, it was off around the corner to one of our favorite Ceremony Venues, The Baughman Center on Lake Alice.

Images by Verve Studio
It's such an intimate location for a ceremony and there's so many beautiful little spots for photos before and after. Not to mention the sweeping architecture and floor to ceiling windows with views overlooking the Lake.

Images by Verve Studio
Erin had THE BEST laugh and such a gorgeous smile!

We headed over following the ceremony to the museum for cocktails in the Butterfly Rainforest and dinner and dancing in the Main Gallery. It's such a unique location for your reception! Guests can wander through the exhibits all night and you've got a Mastodon as a special guest - how cool, right?!

Images by Verve Studio
My corny heart fell madly in love with their favors! I had to share them with you! :)

Images by Verve Studio
We were incredibly honored that you trusted us to be a part of your day! We couldn't be happier for your both! Congratulations again and many, many happy years together!

A huge Thank You to our wonderful fellow professionals that made the day a success!

Getting Ready Venue: The University Hilton
Ceremony Venue: The Baughman Center
Reception Venue:  The Florida Museum of Natural History
Wedding Planner: MasterPiece Weddings
Photography: Verve Studio
Catering: Celebrations Catering
Flowers: The Plant Shoppe
DJ: Wayne's World Entertainment
Make-Up: Kara Winslow
Hair: Graceful Strands
Officiant: Chad Reed